Trappin', trappin', trappin'

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Thrifted jersey, JCPenny velvet leggings, Ecote DIY gold studded Chelsea boots, 

I can't believe it's Thursday already but at the same time this week has been dragging on for the longest. I'm proud of myself for getting a lot of work done but at the same time I expect it from myself...all the time. Today was a great day. I realize when I end my days with Pilates my day really is better. Unfortunately this week I didn't get a chance to wear the outfits I planned because even though I don't care about wearing skirts and such in the winter, as long as you have appropriate attire, this week was just far too annoyingly frigid to be wearing anything I planned. This explains my outfit choices this week, besides Monday, but I think I looked alright for deciding in the morning... like a normal person I suppose. In a few hours I have my re-auditions for the hip hop dance troupe I'm on so wish me luck y'all!

xxoo missusmonroe