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Hey All!!

While Lola's in NGA, I'll be updating this blog more frequently.

I wanted to do a blogger crush! This month's blogger crush and inspiration is Olivia from Lusttforlife.
I'm sure that Lola would agree with this option. We love Liv's independent style and attitude. She is a consistent trend seter in this blogging game and is only getting hotter by the day.



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Photo Drop!
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xo Sade


hay y'all, hay

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So, summer vacation has begun and I have yet to update in a little guys can probably already guess that I'm missing in action yet again. Well, woefully for my updating portion, it is true, I am out and about roaming another continent, yet again. Sometimes I take traveling for granted really, I mean not everybody can fly across the world every summer for 2-3 months to dwell and intern at different companies. Blessed isn't even encompassing enough. Anyway, I'm currently in the mother land working for what I thought was a Mom & Pop but turned out to be a huge corporation, kudos to Mariah for that line, it truly took forever for it to dawn on me. The CEO plane hops practically for a living and has a picture of him and President Obama shaking hands as one of the many memorabilia framing his walls, with Obama sporting an overzealous smile looking gracious to meet him. What a life right? Photo updates will be difficult seeing as though I am in a third world country at the moment and internet is not what I would call abundant, not to talk about reliable internet. But we've been through this many times, hang in there y'all, just deal with me please ~as annoying as I intentionally and unintentionally am, haha~

xxoo missusmonroe

P.S. In the summers accompanying my trips home I tend to let my hair fully breathe. I don't really discuss it much but I am on a hair journey. I've been on it for years honestly but I believe I officially declared it to myself this new year as I finally settled into reliable products after trialing multiple, avoiding heat as much as possible, and strengthening my hair for years until I finally reached this point where I can officially grow and compare from here. My point is here at home it is almost unbearably hot and electricity is not something one depends on so bringing tools that require being plugged in is simply a waste of time and luggage space. So I really am forced to do protective styles that I can't really do with extensions or anything alike in my hair. I just think it's so funny, a permed girl using a natural girl's techniques, but honestly that's the path I've been on. I've been natural before, back when it wasn't cool to have an afro and I got made fun of reliably, and it honestly was not for me. It was more work and tears than it was rewarding. This could also be because I was a lot younger and just didn't know how to manage my enormous head of hair other than braiding it, coupled with the disappointing and frankly depressing amount of shrinkage, I tamed my beast. Not to mention an African's, more specifically Nigerian's, natural is not the same under any circumstances, unless one is mixed, as an African-American's natural. Our hair is much more coarse and it might just be me but more of the nappy side than curly, and my hair is curly. Even when I was natural, for all the years I was I didn't have a pattern. Now that I am back to the permed life, I could care less that some believe I "gave in" and am trying to achieve "white girl hair", I'm identifying with a pattern I love. I know technically it's just a looser version of my own but I honestly am unbothered at the moment because my hair is healthy. So back to the permed using a natural's tips, I think it's quite smart and I recommend it to the few permed girls out there. There aren't an abundant amount of permed women sharing their journeys or infiltrating youTube with their tips and tricks videos so why not use the advice out there already, especially if natural hair is the "healthier" route, and just manipulate it as seen fit? Logically this should work; I hope I'm not the only person this makes sense to lol. This is the summer for my hair, to fully indulge and see where this gets me. Two years ago just keeping it in buns, stretching my perm, and applying leave-in conditioner once a week for two months made an unexpected amount of growth, until it was chopped off by an incompetent girl at the salon of course. *sigh* ~oh the memories~. I've been rambling but I think I got my point across somewhere lol. But I'll keep y'all updated!