The Supreme Pussy Complex

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If you're a woman, you know exactly what I'm saying. If you're a man, you've fallen deep innademwalls so you know this all too well. The Supreme Pussy! A statement. A badge of .. honor? Right? Well I suppose the real question really is just that: is it an esteemed or deplorable state of mind?

This day in age creatures bearing said pussy, trying to be a PC as possible with that statement can you tell, have heavy ass weights on their shoulders! We have to know how to cook, cook well, clean, be ambitious, be well read, successful at work, get our own money, get your money, don't get too much money, be independent, be vulnerable, suck a dick while on a handstand, all while having a jaw-clenching pay-my-bills pussy and knowing what to dew with it. I'm fucking exhausted. The pressure is on.

Since this is a discussion of she's born with it and not Maybe it's Maybelline, it's clear that since inception women have always been pit against each other. We can't even have a God-given, man enslaving organ without it being in competition with another. Why does there always have to be a number one in anything that we do, touch, or hey, are fucking born with? Why does your pussy-worth have to be critically acclaimed by another? Another who more specifically doesn't even know how to swing his bing much less find your damn hole (beloved). And because some peanut gallery folk are surely going to be screaming, but what about men, they're compared against each other too! Yes. For sure, dicks are certainly scrutinized. But what's not is this mans' resume upon entry.

For us, I've observed we judge more on his girth, stroke game, whether or not it'll be too small, and praise him, jump for damn joy, if he has the bare necessities: a blue text bubble, some form of employment, a mode of transportation where his two feet indeed count, grammatical skills..sometimes .. definitely exclusive to "there" and "their" and the rest "we can work through it. Together." But my sisters, a lot of these men have pussy expectations and just as passionately, if not even more, they have "female" (woman vs. female we'll discuss another timeee) expectations. They aren't fucking you unless you're ambitious, doing supremely well for yourself despite your circumstance ~see paragraph two~ or if your pussy comes with a referral. I'm just saying, if you're going to give the spokesman of your worth to someone still reading on a third grade level, you may as well ask an actual eight year old how they feel about you. I'm positive the answer will be far more insightful.
The pressure is fucking on.

If you are reading this with no prior knowledge of me, it may surprise you that I actually do not believe believing your pussy reigns supreme is a bad mentality. It's confidence boosting and at times welcomes the correct nigga energy and synergies. However! That is because I am well enough with myself (a phrase that sounds so ran through these days, I know) that I am aware more goes into me than thinking highly of the heavenly mountain below. For my women whose only response when they are arguing with the general public/if they are defending themselves against a cheating, lying ass nigga is "but your nigga wants my pussy though", this is indeed for you. What are the actual benefits of bearing a supreme pussy?

Sis why do you think your "supreme pussy" will be what keeps your "man"?
     - Because do not be steered wrong, pussy indeed reigns supreme ~for the nth time~.  Always. All ways. No matter how you flip it. But going from the forest to the tree... your pussy? It may have reeled him in, but it will not be what keeps him there forever. As we have nicely went over, it is not the only puss in the pen and it is actually incapable of being the only pussy in this world of millions of feline, that is number one. Statistics.

Sir, is "good pussy" all a woman can offer you until you're "ready" to "settle down" or is that just all you're willing to outwardly voice?

     - Let's be honest! We know men catch feelings from your touch to your insightful conversation, women we actually know we can offer far more than in-between our legs right... So why allow this sort of conversation dominate? Unless we not-so-secretly enjoy it... Bingo. Flip the script and we are still in someway shape or form a satisfied winner. If your power lies here sis, follow it through. But please keep in mind, navigating this way requires mental training that not all women posses ~accept it~ or will ever be made for (accept it)! Men can be crude, seemingly heartless human beings; making you feel like meat in a world of meat markets ~purchase one for a taste, confidently return it all scrutinized and used up, then nonchalantly purchase another. Understanding this, navigating the complexities of this, and knowing how to also detach any feelings that may arise is necessary if you are going to make your pussy your world tour. Your power. If you can't commit, do not pedestal it.

Sisters, can there be an instance where all of our pussies are top notch across the board?
    - In my humble opinion, this is yet another instance illustrating how women would be stronger together than when we're attempting to one up each other ~cheesy hug moment~. We could each in actuality have supreme pussies. A Pussy Coalition gotdammit. But we're too busy exerting our good, good energy into, and our extremely good pussies onto every other being thus, inadvertently wanting those moments to define us. And wanting those moments to trump a preexisting opinion of another woman. How can we let something so coveted define us when we have all the power to define it.

My beautiful sis, if your pussy was in fact number one, but regardless of your sexual interactions with anyone you were the only one in this world who knew it, how would that define you? That's like talking about a make-believe world only you know exists, it only matters if you think it matters. So why should it matter?

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