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This article is inspired/ripped from Blavity's Jonathan Jackson's article. Please read below:

After reading the article, I wanted to reflect on what were things/habits that I wanted to recognize and improve upon for the upcoming year. To be honest, it still doesn't exactly feel like a "new" year. I am not exactly getting a feeling of being "refreshed." I understand that time is a concept, but still..

Anyway, Let's get started shall we??

1. I would wait to start things because I wanted them to done really well instead of  haphazard.

One word: tabs. tabs. tabs! I would have 11 internet tabs open at once and only touch them when I was "ready" to conquer that task. Little did I know that it would be easier to complete things incrementally than to wait and attack it all at once. Also, I would delay work in general. Of course I would get it completed in time, however, the gap in between my completion and knowledge of my assignments was a bit much.

In 2016: Get that shit done. Perfection is relative. And reality is that it won't be perfect because you waited longer to start it.

2. I fell off in writing and utilizing in my journal as regularly as I did earlier.

2015 for me was suppose to be the year of writing and reflecting for me. Well I did stick to that goal during the summer as well as earlier in the year. However, it became difficult to keep up with it. Now, as I read my diary entries from March, June, and July, I'm humbled by the growth that occurred during that time.

In 2016: Being more intentional with my writing and reflecting.

3. I wasn't mindful when it came to myself and others.

Although this is something that, I don't think can be crafted-- I wasn't mindful of my space and others during 2015. There were times when I didn't think about how my behavior or simple phrases that I utter could possibly be taken the wrong way or even cause uncomfortable tension.

In 2016: Practice cognitive thinking but understand that I'm not here to please anyone (that's for damn sure).

If anything else comes to me, I'll add it in.

Things I did do really well in 2015:

  • I took control of my mental health and prioritized my health!

  • I ate good food.

  • I traveled with a fearless spirit.

  • I meditated (on and off).

  • My budgeting was a little bit better.

with love,


Cultured: Provence, France

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Let's take you to a quaint town of Provence, France.

Of course this place is known for this its beautiful lavender fields!

As a town on the South of France, their meals offer the freshest of seafoods. 

Eastern Europe has never really interested me all that much. But I have an understanding that there can be such beauty in the smallest of towns. Maybe this calls for another backpacking trip?


Living Out Loud

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These past few days have been a bit crazy... Wednesday I decided to break out my new booties from a random splurge at Forever21, probably the worst decision I could make that day. I say this because I just so happened to need to go to the bank. Let me clarify, I needed to make that 20 minute walk to the bank, no options. When I say half way through I almost took these babies off, I'm not joking. I hate when girls do that, to me it's just like don't wear the damn shoes then, and I also dislike seeing girls practically limping in heels for the same reason. But I was so dang-on close maaaan, if it weren't for my pride I think I really would've broken down. The shoes are actually super duper comfortable, they just weren't prepared for the work ahead of them on day one. In actuality, I never have a normal break in process. Some girls just walk around their house in the shoes...who actually has the time for that! In any case, the blisters on my feet show maybe I should start making some time or something, dang.

Today was a nothing but a tragedy at first. I overslept, I was a true mess, I had to go through some things to be able to telework since I didn't bring my work laptop home... ugh it was a lot. However, I did get to end the night finally exploring further into the city. It was an expensive ass Uber, but I got a chance to see OSHUN NYC perform live. I never did get to make it to AFROPUNK last year and I didn't catch them at Broccoli City Fest, but y'all know I've been wanting to go to a small, intimate SOB's type of performance in a bar type of space or so. It's almost as if it was thrown right into my lap, the exact atmosphere. Honestly I had never really listened to their music previous to a few days before, but I seriously like some of it but especially their vibe and mission. It's crazy how they're originally from Maryland as well and go to school in New York, basically my original dream since forever. The performance was Unplugged, similar to Lauryn Hill's, it was a very intimate environment, we got to ask questions and it didn't feel like they put themselves on any type of upper hand or pedestal. Not to mention, Live out Loud band was freaking amazing. I love live bands and the trumpet and sax crept into my soul for sure. Their new release in on soundcloud, y'all should check it out!

xxoo missusmonroe

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Today was arguably one of the most tiring work days I've experienced yet. I don't even have much to ramble on, I'm just beat. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how I switched off all of my alarms, rising with not one, somehow opened my eyes at the correct time, actually physically rose, and got ready for my day. God is an amazing being because when I say I was dead when I made it to the bathroom, I'm talking my body was actually weighing me down. I can't be doing this any longer, school is about to resume and I really need to be well powered beforehand... 

There is one thing I look forward to every morning and motivates me even as the pain grows behind my eyes as I brush my teeth, even when I'm about to fall asleep on my desk or at a lecture. It is one constant I know will keep me looking forward. As strange as it is to say, it's whatever I'm wearing. Some people solve math problems for a living, decorate, paint, cut bodies open, catch bodies but for me I go to school of course but I also dress for a living. This is really what I mean by style being life; my style is a depiction of myself. Just a simple example of me motivating myself, I look forward to where my creativity and fearlessness will take me next. Yes, I love taking risks with my clothes because that's how I am in real life, I am an outside-of-the-box thinker. This outfit had many forms before it finally took shape into this combination. The bright color not only makes it shaky territory, but the button-up's main color only matching one of the blues in the skirt (the pictures kind of make it look matchy I think) also mixes things up. Last week my music was blasting and I was singing like Ms. Houston herself as per my usual creative process of forming outfits. I was looking at some other pieces when it struck me like lightening in an open field, my teal top had an essence that would match this marble-ish skirt. I literally had to search my suitcase, they weren't even in my line of vision. Most of the time that's how I operate, the sudden idea hits me and I bring out the pieces to see if they work as I'd envisioned. It's not often it doesn't. Then pairing it with sneakers? To the office?! I swear, my brain can't be wired the same as everyone. But this one was kind of genius.

xxoo missusmonroe

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vibrant thing

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Those Mondays you wish were still Sundays? Yeah. I had an amazing conversation last night that was clearly more important than sleep, as they usually are. Today wasn't that special really, I did get to leave work a bit early so that was a true blessing. Surprisingly I wasn't falling asleep in a pool of my own drool, so I'm very grateful for that. The true gem was last night, well it wasn't that special, but I did go back into town and saw Concussion, lemme tell you guys, that movie is superb. Not only does everyone need to watch it because of the health concerns it addressed and because it is a Will Smith movie, but also the important messages it shares. Especially in relation to race and immigrants, socially out-casting people and big, corporate, high-power, greedy, scandal-prone bullies. Lol, a mouthful but very important to see for yourself. I was telling my friend, if it wasn't for Will looking like, well Will, he could almost convince me he was Nigerian. I realize now the adrenaline from its greatness must've temporarily deceived me because, well that's particularly true but he did do a great job. Everybody check it out.

xxoo missusmonroe

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Thought it and I Achieved it

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Oh me oh my. This week. Well, it really wasn't a bad week at all just very tiring. While I'm in school I'm like this walking caffeinated zombie, literally an addict. So getting myself off when I began vacation was one of the hardest things, really because if I wasn't drinking coffee during my regularly scheduled schedule, I'd have these terrible migraines, just messy. In any case, that explains the tiredness I've been feeling suddenly plummeting myself into an early morning-late night schedule once again, with this time an attempt to hardly drink coffee at all. 

My internship in itself is pretty interesting, I've been getting into a lot of numbers and end-of-the-year clean up.. One thing I've never been a fan of are lazy people, lazy people who depend on others and the responsibility they've hoarded on others to get the job done. I just can't live my life like that. You really don't aspire to be great? Aspiring to be mediocre is an actual thing you all! I just could not live that way. Things seriously hardly ever work in my favor, or the way I'd like my favor to go, but I wouldn't want to be regular. It may not be the way I want it, but somehow things just work out in a way...

So the weather here turns out to be not too different from the DMV, freaking fantastic. Came all the way over here to also be freezing! Lol, ironically the tricks began when I first landed and the warm air was blowing, the sun was out, it wasn't uncomfortable heat at all, because everyone knows how much I hate being hot. Then all of a sudden, literally between the time of early afternoon and early evening, the world flipped. It was so cold I thought I had died and woke up in another world... okay cue drama but seriously I don't understand why it's not warm in Houston/Woodlands! Can we discuss how I only packed sandals and open toed shoes and the week I began work the weather plummeted. I literally had to run out during lunch on my first day and buy these flats. Y'ALL KNOW I HATE FLATS! Lol, man and what a mess it was even finding some decent, comfortable shoes I could wear everyday. 

I don't know what next week has in store, but this weekend.. well it's almost over and I just don't think there's really much for young adults that are legal but not enough to get shitfaced i public. Tomorrow's a new day though, so we shall see.

xxoo missusmonroe

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The end of my first week is over and I can say... well actually I can't say much because I have to get ready for tomorrow! Lol it moves pretty quickly, clearly different from not doing anything for the first couple of weeks here. In any case, tomorrow will be a full blown, long ass, dramatic (though I'm not even dramatic *eye roll*) report of this entire crazy, funny week in nothing less than my extremely sarcastic manner. Enjoy some flicks from today and the superb environment I'm living in, y'all my camera finally let go of its life, okay not literally, but it's as good as done. HOWEVER! I finessed such greatness today that I can only do justice by explaining tomorrow. See y'all there...here? Ha

xxoo missusmonroe



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When I first landed in Houston I was actually really excited to see what Bey is so proud about. Not to say that I'm disappointed...but it's all just so very... Texas! *cue proud cowboy accent* Everybody is proud of the unending land, with hardly any sidewalks mind you, the slightly obnoxiously big everything, and the Texas fast food that's exclusive to Texas and renames to somehow fit Rancho, Ranger, or just Texas in it. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool out here but I think I need to actually find and explore to find the big factor. It's not like Paris where you get off the plane and here's Paris

This actually really makes me wonder where Drake's fascination lies and whether I need to reconsider his mental stability and credibility in judgement...

Lol in any case, I've been in search for concerts, or those intimate pub performances to no avail. I wasn't truly too concerned when I was in the city to be honest, fresh from school slavery, all I wanted to do was sleep for at least 10 hours a day. Today I actually began what I came here for in the first place, my internship. The day hurried right along surprisingly and I couldn't be more grateful. It's quite busy and now that I'm a bit away from Houston, I don't have much exploring to look forward to without burning a hole in my pocket...clearly someone thought this thoroughly through.

We'll see what's in store, honestly I brought too many cute clothes, too many clothes really, for them to go to waste! My carry-on was sacrificially about 15 pounds too heavy, because of said clothes and my stubbornness to pay money I deem unnecessary. Not in vain I tell you!

P.S. My camera is going through some things. Instead of trying to diagnose it I think it's high time to replace it, it has been three long years. I just wish it didn't always choose when I need it to be a stupid brat. Hopefully all the pictures don't come out this weird or as bad they've been rolling out but if they do, forgive a sista.

xxoo missusmonroe


Hello 2016

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So how many times have we heard the phrase "New Year, New Me!"? Whether you don't believe it or hold it dear to your heart, but at the rate everyone trashes it you wouldn't dare admit it let's be honest, it is always a topic for discussion as New Year's eve approaches. I'm not one to ever utter those words because, sure I'll never stop growing, but I don't believe because the year increased overnight suddenly my life has changed. There is, however, something extremely promising about 2016. I've reflected on my year and it honestly felt more low than high. There are so many things I aspire to do that sometimes seem to be put on the back burner or even worse, feel like I have to force myself to do. 

But for some reason 2016 is gleaming to be my year.

Not a year of change or renewal, but a year of opportunity and claiming my greatness. A year of really making shit happen. A year of fearlessness. A year of spiritual growth. My fucking year.

I've never ever been one to turn down adventure... which is great because I have a feeling 2016 will be a crazy ride. My first stop? Houston, Texas.

xxoo missusmonroe

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