Trappin', trappin', trappin'

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Thrifted jersey, JCPenny velvet leggings, Ecote DIY gold studded Chelsea boots, 

I can't believe it's Thursday already but at the same time this week has been dragging on for the longest. I'm proud of myself for getting a lot of work done but at the same time I expect it from myself...all the time. Today was a great day. I realize when I end my days with Pilates my day really is better. Unfortunately this week I didn't get a chance to wear the outfits I planned because even though I don't care about wearing skirts and such in the winter, as long as you have appropriate attire, this week was just far too annoyingly frigid to be wearing anything I planned. This explains my outfit choices this week, besides Monday, but I think I looked alright for deciding in the morning... like a normal person I suppose. In a few hours I have my re-auditions for the hip hop dance troupe I'm on so wish me luck y'all!

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Thrifted Hounds-tooth blazer, Missguided high waist pants, Zara boots 

Food is the only thing that can get me truly upset, it's insane. I was having a jolly good ole' day today until I walked all the way to Subway in the freezing cold with the wind blowing all kinds of mayhem only to... ~deep sigh~ I feel like I should give a little background information. My campus isn't particularly huge but there are parts that are just obscenely far, such as subway. Now add frigid temperatures, mountain-like winds, and the extremely joyful fact that the Subway doesn't even have seats. So not only must you hike there but you must immediately hike somewhere else afterwards. Now, with all of this in mind I slaved there after my last class and taking these photos, so say 4, with only one thing on my mind: a footlong meatball marinara on Italian Herbs and cheese bread with American cheese, toasted, lettuce, mayo, the occasional Chipotle, and Old Bay ONLY to find out they RAN OUT OF MEATBALLS. Or in his words, "we're sold out". It's almost funny my anger, like honestly what does that even mean? This isn't even the first time this has occurred, but at least the other times were near their closing time, at 10. HOW can you tell me at 4 in the afternoon you're sold out?! God was the only thing holding me from back lashing like I usually do. It's quite the scene. Needless to say I didn't get any Subway.

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Fries... Or Yes?

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Thrifted Dressbarn utility jacket, H&M top, Swaychic Fries leggings, eBay two toned socks, Zara vintage fringe boots

I like to believe I'm extremely cool and the above picture does nothing but confirm this fact. My day wasn't that eventful, it was just full of people talking about my leggings, how they have fries on them, clearly, returning those H&M boots, my dance team's workshop... and people still talking about my appetizing legs. My friend said I have a greasy ass... I couldn't help but giggle.

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She wants that old thing back

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eBay wool hat, H&M shiny cardigan, thrifted cardigan, H&M crop turtleneck, Lucaya pleather skirt, ALDO tights, Primark oxfords

So today started off as a great day, I was in an extremely good mood. Then I'm going to assume my tiredness kicked in and suddenly I hated everyone. I want to blame it on my lack of coffee, see I didn't figure coffee was needed since I did get 8 hours of sleep last night. However, I see my body is pretty dependent. Not to mention when they day started it was pretty easy-breezy outside then suddenly it was a whirlwind with the wind blowing like I was living in the mountains. I swear, the devil's work was blowing at least 30 miles per hour. It took off my hat and almost ripped both of my lashes off. No, joke. That just put me in the ultimate pissed-off-don't-look-at-me-or-I'll-stab-you mood. That is until I started reading these short stories for my Literature class, thankfully it eased my heart as reading usually does.

P.S. We had a fantastic Fashion Society meeting just a bit after this where I was able to show everybody the blog! I think people liked the vibes, plus it might've convinced some people to start officially blogging themselves.

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H&M sweater, Topshop skirt, American Apparel thigh highs

After reading this post you will understand my inability to update yesterday... Well it started off with ending my only class on Friday and performing trivial tasks and such until early evening. I then made my way into the city where American Apparel was having a student mixer, aka 20% off all items with a valid student ID. Clearly I had to go. I finally got try on all items I'd been stalking online, fortunately because I only ended up purchasing two items. That's not the exciting part though; my companion suggested going to Zara and I just thought, why not? Zara isn't particularly my store but I do enjoy looking at their items from time to time. My favorite thing about the store are their shoes because they're fabulous and when they're having a sale you can literally buy them for close to nothing. After looking around briefly I decided I wasn't going to find anything I really wanted to buy. That was until I was near the exit. I stopped in my tracks because I saw boots and for the longest time I've been searching for fringe combat style boots, especially after letting go of the ones from Urban Outfitters. I found some at H&M over their Christmas sale but I just haven't been 100% satisfied with them. Anyway, so I just casually walked there and saw these beautiful babies. They were worn in leather, similar to a thrift find, and very vintage looking... I fell in love. As I was searching through the four boots there for my size my heart sunk because I had a feeling I wouldn't find mine. UNTIL I DID. I'm so glad I left the tag on the boots from H&M and the last day to return "holiday" purchases is the 31st. The Zara boots were originally $100 and I got them for $40, the same price as the H&M ones. You can bet I'm returning those things!

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The Beginning of Forever

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Thrifted everything but Forever21 loafers

I'm seriously vibing to John Legend's album right now, in fact I feel like I'm about to cry. It's not a new album or anything but I've been meaning to take a listen and I finally have a chance to sit and listen... just wow. Moving on, today was a great day. I was in an obnoxiously fantastic mood for no reason really. My first class was the same class that was cancelled Tuesday and I cannot even begin to describe my blessings. I lucked out with the best Sociology professor at my school. I don't even use rate my professor or anything, I just stick to a time slot I deem necessary and so far it's been working out magnificently in my favor, thank ya Jesus! So that class shouldn't be as hard as I predicted, my Lit class turned out to be small and intimate, my absolutely favorite type of classes. We started right of the bat with discussions of poems and it was genuinely interesting. Then I ended my day with my Pilates class. I am beyond satisfied.

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Snow... Fallin'

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Yesterday was a snow day which consequently meant all of my classes were cancelled. HOWEVER, I did not know one of them was until I walked the 15 minute walk in the treacherous snow as the obscenely large flakes crashed into my face, resulting in my forest green cape looking as if it took a dive in cocaine. And we can't forget the desecration of my lovely baby hairs. It was quite upsetting. Moving on, I ended up taking a trip to DC to see a particular headache of mine only to return this morning to more snow. Today was a much better day academia wise fortunately. I finally had my first Micro Economics class and I can already tell I'm going to absolutely love it. I have that feeling in my fingertips ~and really in the deep pit in my stomach lolz~ that it's going to be a difficult one but he's so passionate about what he's teaching, he really claimed it's almost more important to him than his family y'all, that it makes me very excited. Then my day went crashing down when I entered my Woman Studies class. Many reasons why, one being I was probably the second black female in the room. I have no problem being surrounded by women of different color, not in the least, but it was disheartening. Another, my professor claimed the way she teaches will turn this class into another english/lit class. Now, keep in mind I am already in an English course this semester and Economics for goodness sake! This woman is mad, I am contemplating the drop not because I believe I won't be able to handle it but I truly do not need unnecessary stress in my life.

xxoo missusmonroe

Thrifted sweater, Topshop pants, airplane socks, thrifted Tommy Hilfiger shoes

(idk what happened to this resolution...) Everything thrifted but Primark socks


Let's Go Outback Tonight.

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Hey All!

I recently wrote a post about what "living" really means on my personal blog. Feel free to head over and check it out. Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to head to DC with my brother to watch a performance at the Kennedy Center. It feature Children of Uganda dance and light show. If anyone knows me personally, you'll understand the personal connection that I have to that country <3. It was a nice night and great reason to get dolled up and have my brother be my personal photographer.

Shoes:, Leather Bag: Thrift Store, Trenchcoat: Michael Kors (This was a steal at Marshalls!), Pants: Gifted, Gold Watch

Hope everyone is having a great day!!

Je vous embrasse,