6 Gems Your Closet Can't Live Without Summer '19

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(Supposedly) gone are the days of Spring and word around the block is summer is quickly ensuing. Trends are always quickly changing and although we enjoy style over here at SOAL, sometimes it is fun to participate in the fads I'm not gunna lie to you. This year of 2019 I've seen and can predict so many fashions that I'm actually extremely excited about, I love the direction women's fashion is heading right now. Trends take turns and will always return in one shape, style or another. We are barreling into early 00s head first and I will not complain, not only because late 90s was me growing up so I know it like the back of my hand, but also because there's so much damn nostalgia within this time period, it was an iconic time for rap, R&B.. music in general and nevertheless a pivotal time for fashion. Let's get into it.

1. A statement midi skirt

Honestly, this may be my favorite trend this Spring/Summer season. The real specialty to it is it one, the skirt should ideally be silk and two, it needs to be in a color. Hence, statement skirt. For the sake of this post we'll broaden the stakes to simply a statement midi but the silk will ultimately take you to the next level while also providing breath-ability in the summer days to come.
Supreme bonus points if you've caught on to the pleats addition, whether that be in tops or skirts. Here's what that can look like if you're bold enough to go for colors, a shoot I helped style for Essence Magazine's March 2019 issue.

derived from Essence Magazine

2. Miniature bags
This is a hallmark of the late 90s. It goes without saying, a bag, but it's barely big enough to hold anything more than just your phone, some gloss, and your keys. A one step instructional on how to fake a minimalist look. I am truly in love with it and have always been a fan of either super small or rather large. 

3. Non-skinnies / Barrel jeans
I really call this the evolution of the culottes even though it's not entirely that. From where we've seen denim go, saying that would make sense because we just stepped out of such a heavy culotte era but if you say, lived in NYC you'd know barrel jeans has been a thing. Especially in the Williamsburg area no shade. Turn-ups are my favorite style of non-skinnies as we speak, particularly in dark denim.

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This photo is a double whammy because...
4. Square-toe sandals
When I say I love this one mannn. And meanwhile I truly adore a pointy toe, but there's something supremely sexy about the square. It serves me a different type of that bitch and I'm not mad at it. One of my favorite things to do is to actually pair it with a loose bottom or wider legged jean. Y'all already know by now I'm a woman of effortless style, that combination will always win.

5. Animal print
Absolutely my least favorite out of the bunch; I recognize the long-lasting affect it has on the world of fads and maybe it's just awful experience with cheetah, but I simply hate animal print. The only bit I can stand is that Tiger blend that usually shows face on silk button ups. Other than that.. to me it truly only works for non-black humans because on us it tends to come off as tacky. Now I really don't mind a leopard print midi paired with a "random" band tee and the likes (if you thought that was a random look you loved just wait until half the summer is over and how many times you'll see that number) however that's just about where I draw the line.

6. One-shouldered action
The momentum for this trend has been building for a few years now but in my opinion it's finally reached its "must-have" status. Because it's had a bit more time its evolution is impeccable. I'm so in love with the play on structure at the current moment, mixing elements as the one-shoulder can tend to soften the frame but when you play around and add a built-in corset, suddenly the energy changes! I'm so alive and present in the effort to keep this gem spicy.
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Bonus: Something with a little shine
This is no way a super trend or a must-have necessarily, simply free game. I always have a feeling of a gem before it gets popular and this is one of them. As simple as you want to make it or as flamboyant, downplay the get-up with glitter or be a grown ass girl with some crystals and shit. The choice is yours but dashing this touch on an otherwise simple 'fit will kill this summer. I recently searched high and low for some wide-leg style rhinestone pants but decided I'd just make them myself with all of the lack of accessibility I was finding.

@cheyennekimora design

On trend: Bardot silhouette
If you haven't seen this brewing for months, by Fall you'll get it and next summer you'll be up to your ears in it. I love anything that's 18/1900s inspired but as the summer months elapse, the less material is presented which makes it an easy and flirty addition. Keep your eyes peeled for this play on the strapless top.

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We can live without: Those damn ugly Filas that should never have made its way into the present

Which one's calling you this summer?

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