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Since I'm not working, I've brought the New Year in with laziness. I'm definitely one of those people who don't believe in trying to act brand new and improved just because it's a different year. I have goals for myself and my life of course, but it's not dependent on a new year approaching. But in any news, y'all are probably like, whooo took this picture cause we know you don't have a camera! Well assholes, I took the thing. Remember the camera I used once upon a time ago, a year ago actually, well yes since I'm home I retrieved it and it has now become my best friend once again. Don't mind the resolution, we're talking about 10 megapixels of glory.

Back to my laziness, the only day I found myself indulging in any activity was yesterday and this day above, Thursday. On Thursday I went to see some friends, embarking in the blizzard and almost getting snowed in. And yesterday I went to see that insignificant significant. Up to my usual shenanigans.

xxoo missusmonroe

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