That is so 2012

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Thrifted crop top, Primark skirt, Levis

Today was a rough day in more ways than I'd like to speak of. Pray for ya' girl.

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So I've been making a mini collection of some of my favorite editorials/visuals recently, and I really need to post them. Haha, y'know how I get, I get this idea of a post, then I run with it, only I never post it! All of the pictures were taken from tumblr, featuring Jourdan Dunn, Daphne Groeneveld, (I forgot to get their titles, sorry!) Bruno Mars, Fernando Cabral, Alaud Deng Anei, Gracie Carvalho, and my faves Rihanna and A$AP. Enjoy.

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ALAUD DENG ANEI in “Strong Suit. Taller, Leaner, Sexier” for  Marie Claire SA April 2013. Photographed by Kope Figgins

Bruno Mars covers FLAUNT magazine joined by AJAK DENG

Fernando Cabral in Athlétique by Jacob Sutton for Numéro Homme #25

Gracie Carvalho in “Surfista do Asfalto” for Vogue Brazil January 2013 photographed by Philippe Kliot



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Thrifted jersey, Lucaya skirt, thrifted glitter socks

This was actually Tuesday's outfit post, sorry, a bit late. Anyway, I've come to the acceptance that whenever I want to dress a certain way, a little thuggish or ghetto-fab I guess, I put on these thick, big, obnoxious earrings. It's actually more fun than it looks. For some strange reason, it adds that laflare that the outfit needs.

So, as soon as I picked this item up at the thrift store I fell in love. Not only did I unintentionally meet the "mesh trend" but the sportswear rave was accomplished also. When I was in the dressing room I knew exactly what I wanted to wear this with, but after a few weeks of it sitting in my closet I forgot my train of thought completely. I think it had something to do with shorts, but when I retried the jersey, this skirt came to mind. Viola, I ended up looking like a gothic hood cheerleader, rah-rah!

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