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H&M sweater, Topshop skirt, American Apparel thigh highs

After reading this post you will understand my inability to update yesterday... Well it started off with ending my only class on Friday and performing trivial tasks and such until early evening. I then made my way into the city where American Apparel was having a student mixer, aka 20% off all items with a valid student ID. Clearly I had to go. I finally got try on all items I'd been stalking online, fortunately because I only ended up purchasing two items. That's not the exciting part though; my companion suggested going to Zara and I just thought, why not? Zara isn't particularly my store but I do enjoy looking at their items from time to time. My favorite thing about the store are their shoes because they're fabulous and when they're having a sale you can literally buy them for close to nothing. After looking around briefly I decided I wasn't going to find anything I really wanted to buy. That was until I was near the exit. I stopped in my tracks because I saw boots and for the longest time I've been searching for fringe combat style boots, especially after letting go of the ones from Urban Outfitters. I found some at H&M over their Christmas sale but I just haven't been 100% satisfied with them. Anyway, so I just casually walked there and saw these beautiful babies. They were worn in leather, similar to a thrift find, and very vintage looking... I fell in love. As I was searching through the four boots there for my size my heart sunk because I had a feeling I wouldn't find mine. UNTIL I DID. I'm so glad I left the tag on the boots from H&M and the last day to return "holiday" purchases is the 31st. The Zara boots were originally $100 and I got them for $40, the same price as the H&M ones. You can bet I'm returning those things!

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