2016 lasts

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So after work I was contemplating where I would embark next on this picture-taking extravaganza life I have curated for myself. Now, I could go to my latest spot but I honestly was not sure how it would coincide with the vibe of this particular look. As I was charging what I'm sure is at this point a fried battery of my iPod, I staring aimlessly at the  empty lot right out front of my building and was struck with an idea. 

Across the way was this bright red trailer glistening under the winter sun and something told me that's just where I was gunna end up, dramatic I know. As soon as I left my room all I wanted to do was turn around. It was frigid. Y'know, I just can never understand why it needs to be so cold and saturated with tsunami winds in the winter while in the summer we're like water-ridden SpongeBob, begging for some godforsaken air circulation. I know there's a science to it and I don't care for it, it should be!

Needless to say I didn't get the most out of this location, it also randomly decided it wanted to suddenly be overcast then snow! However, I've been meaning to document this get together, well really to even put it on, and I guess this day before the year commences is the time. 
I wanted to stay away from the whole slip-over-tee trend cause honestly it's such an easy move for "style points" that it's ugly, you know what I mean. It also just does not appeal to me if I were to be frank. But when I placed this slip I got from Forever 21 nearly a year ago exactly and this old H&M turtleneck, I knew they incidentally belonged together. My favorite part is the little lace detail's contrast with the knit, ugh yes definitely a favorite combination of mine. Shoes have  consistently been an oddity for me in terms of piecing together or molding a look. Usually to combat this, I make my look revolving on my shoes, choosing those first and piecing together everything after such. These last few weeks have posed to be different, just not being able to discover a moment to mull over and develop aesthetics I'm pleased with and instead having to just grab and go.

Apparently this was not that case. Can you tell?

xxoo missusmonroe