I Know

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It's been forever. I haven't updated. I haven't even said hello! I know, I know, I know. These past two months I've really been trying to get myself together. Trust, if you knew all of the pressures on me you all would completely understand. But I haven't forgotten about every single one of y'all out there! I haven't forgotten about your unending support and encouragement and I just want to thank you for sticking with us. During these two months I celebrated my 19th birthday, I went to my first official concert, and by the end of this week I would've walked my 3rd (?) fashion show at my school. Not to mention all of my orgs, school work, and work that never ceases to end. Busy isn't even enough to encompass everything but I've also been enjoying my life and creating memories, y'all know that's just about all I could ever ask for. I'm going to attempt to update more but who's to know until Thanksgiving/Winter break. Until next time, here's a little peek of what's been the deal.

xxoo missusmonroe