BET Awards 2013

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Fresh off the tip off the BET Awards 2013.

First off- wow! It's been such a long time since (I, personally) have been impressed and amused by the BET Awards. All the way down to the execution, everything was great.  I know that Lola won't be able to tune in since she's in London but for the US followers! Tune in! Next year, we hope there is a better host but apart from that, the fashion was great. I loved the looks of the ladies and the gents! Here are my favorite looks!
I loved Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union together!! And for my favorite look of the night, Gabrielle Union!



Blogger Crush

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Hello feisty followers!

After heavy consideration, I decided to post my "Blogger Crush" of the month? week? I'm not sure how often I/we can keep this up because it's not everyday that it's possible to find inspiration. Nevertheless, I bring you a blogger that I've really admired over the years. I appreciate her drive and humbleness, and I love her gorgeous/simple sense of style. Her name is Asiyami, of Asiyami Gold.

These are only a few images I picked up from her blog, she also has a main blog, Asiyamigold. I just love the ease at which she does things.


The London Times

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Hey babes!
I finally stole a moment from my crazy days to write. I don't have a laptop so it's going to be impossible to post any photos that aren't my iPod quality mirror pics, oh the horror

In any way, I'm having the best time overseas, as usual. Here I am typing away on the pod listening to Rihanna, with an open book and thoughts of my next but. If there's any style I adore, it's got to be the Brits. Particularly because any of them can literally put anything on and it makes you want to purchase. I've noticed over the years that everyone here is fashionable in their own way; it's like heaven. Key elements to their everyday looks are the volumnized half up half down, think a tame Amy Winehouse, "trainers" or sneakers whether they're hightops, converse, or vans, and makeup. Since I know we all watch beautybyjj I'm sure we're all aware, but briefly consider that as an everyday and you'll get a taste of this life. Clearly these aren't everything to their style, but just about everybody embodies these features. In fact it's strange, nobody curls their hair! All pin straight... I'm like the polar opposite from these creatures.

Haha, but I have come to the biggest challenge of my life this summer: office fashion. It's the hardest transition; not that I don't own classy pieces or anything as absurd but at my internship I have to be professional. Meaning I can't just throw on a crop, high jeans, and a plaid overlay. No hobo street-fashion! Thank the heavens for my fine taste in blazers. It's not hard, just time-consuming and it actually requires thought you must admit to submitting to. No blasé, oh I just threw this on its been in my closet forever knowing good and well you just purchased it last Tuesday. There are just too many "length rules", cringe, all unwritten. Plus I am frowned upon when I don't iron blasted things such as my skirts, imagine that, ironing!

Giggle all you want. Haha, but stick around this summer with ya gurl. I hear it's boiling in the states, she says basking in the wonderful Autumn of London.

xxoo missusmonroe  


Isabel Marant Post!

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Hello everyone, Sade here!

This post is dedicated to designer, Isabel Marant. She is now in a collaboration with H&M (EEK! My favorite store AND DESIGNER!) You just can't lose!

When pictures of the garments arise, I will keep everyone posted!    

Je vous embrasse,


Traveling escapades

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Apologies for the lack of outfit posts because, if you can guess it, I haven't actually left the house! With the exception of yesterday's church venture I've been at home writing, tumblrn', and contemplating on whether I should continue procrastinating on packing. I've got this internship in London so I'll be away for quite a bit, unless I can figure out a way around that. Have a great summer babies.

xxoo missusmonroe


Is it summer?

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Not only was the heat your biggest clue, but have you also noticed the drastic change in editorials and most importantly your favorite bloggers' posts? I don't really see how one could possibly miss it. Here are some visuals I've been obsessing over lately, featuring Wasteland posts and Alexandra Spencer, also known as 4th and Bleeker. She's my latest stalking victim and I'm so intrigued. I literally texted Sade, "she bleeds class, sophistication, and sex appeal." Which is not an opinion I share alone, and such a difficult combination to achieve. I think the fact that she photographs herself, minus all of the fluff a blog usually has, however she incorporates editorial-style editing. You guys know I  live for editing. Plus the girl lives in suits! You'll see...

xxoo missusmonroe

THIS is she