The Roses of My Life

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Hello Lovebugs,

In other news, my career prospects have improved. I now intern at a global international education organization in D.C. My last internship dealt with aspects of education but not on such a huge global scale. It is really exciting to be part of an organization that advocated for lessening the gap between education inequalities. I feel as though, that is  a problem that I will be working with in the future. I am working through some brainstorming stages right now and decided how to combat such a problem on a local scale.

My personal and social life has gotten "better." I am coming out of my academic shell, quite a bit and attending functions. I even went to the club for the first time! That was a thrilling experience. I love to get down on the dance floor. My love life is..... at a standstill more or less. I am not exactly looking - I mean my prospects are not all that tempting. But maybe just a holler or two! haha only half serious.

Overall, I have been pretty well. I'm learning to lean more on God's understanding. I etched the verse, Philippians 4:13, "I do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I have this problem with taking the initiative and feeling as though, it is all my responsibility. But I am becoming to realize that this is not the case. And that is not only okay but completely necessary to lean on to Him..


A little update

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Y'know what's difficult? Uploading pictures from my phone rather than my camera. I'm still taking outfit of the day photos but for some reason they never make it here. It's quite frustrating actually. It's become ridiculous how busy I am; the thing is it's not just busy socially and with school work, it's also busy mentally; therefore, updating doesn't become my number one concern. This is entirely unfair considering the fact that hundreds of people come here weekly only to find the same post first as last time... My deepest and sincerest of apologies. I've finished all of my midterms and completed my first performance as a member of the hip hop troupe. Things have been moderately hectic which explains why I am here updating at 5 AM, keep in mind I have a 12 PM class which means waking up at 10. ~siiiiggghh~ I will be back with clothes next time!

xxoo missusmonroe


Clubbin' All Night

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One word to describe Friday effectively would have to be ratchet. It was nice ratchet fun. As predicted, there was drama and stupidity beforehand but in the end I got to spend time with two girls that I've missed to pieces; that was all that mattered to me. We ended up getting greasy, sloppy food ~yum yum~ at Five Guys in D.C. then we embarked on the real adventure, Ibiza nightclub. Now, if anyone doesn't know, it's pretty ratchet, calling-all-black-people place, perfect for first-time clubbers like us because you can only go up from there. Luckily, there weren't any slothy guys, it was simply the process of entering and the false advertisements that was foul. However, It was so great to reunite with each other :). We needed the break of all these academics that have just been taking over our lives. It was fun to let loose, even if it was for a couple hours! All in all, It was a great time because of the people we were with, not because of the club itself haha. Definitely a great way to end Lola's birthday.

xxoo Sade and missusmonroe



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As it's well known, my 18th birthday was yesterday. I believe I explained this last year, but every year, quite consistently, my birthdays have been terrible. Things just never work out. Plans are always cancelled, attitudes are always caught, tears are always shed... it's always a mess. HOWEVER~ this year was something different. I think I just didn't let others determine how my birthday was going to turn out. It was finally about me and my happiness. This weekend should be a major TURN AHP and has multiple possibilities for disaster and drama but I don't even care because it's about me, as it should be.

It's been so busy as of late, with midterms, clubs, dance teams... ugh. Not to mention the bitter, depressing fact that my baby ~camera~ is no longer with me. Hopefully that is temporary. So please pardon my lack of updates.

xxoo missusmonroe


East Coast Vegas

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During my quietness lately, almost too much has occurred. First, I'd like to apologize on behalf of my stupid camera and its decision to never turn on again. Am I being dramatic, maybe a little but I'm actually really upset. While my life is getting quite crazy and busy, here I am trying to keep you guys updated and my camera just decides to die. I was in the middle of uploading pictures and it literally switched off; I've yet to see its lights appear again. And how inconvenient of it also, I mean a couple days before I went to Atlantic City and a week before I finally turn legal?! No remorse.

In any case, yes I went to the East Coasts' version of Vegas, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Why, you may ask? My eldest and only sister turned 21 that Saturday and what better way to bring it in? Fortunately, I have my phone's camera but unfortunately the quality is just simply not what I want. We had a lot of fun and caused a great deal of trouble. As I am writing this now, I am officially a changed woman. Why, you may ask once again? Well, today is my 18th birthday! I've had fabulous outfits all week that I haven't been able to properly document, hence my lack of posting, and this weekend is bound to be filled with craziness that I can only show with 5 megapixels! The frustration is entirely too much. Enjoy what I do have to offer though.

xxoo missusmonroe