The Beginning of Forever

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Thrifted everything but Forever21 loafers

I'm seriously vibing to John Legend's album right now, in fact I feel like I'm about to cry. It's not a new album or anything but I've been meaning to take a listen and I finally have a chance to sit and listen... just wow. Moving on, today was a great day. I was in an obnoxiously fantastic mood for no reason really. My first class was the same class that was cancelled Tuesday and I cannot even begin to describe my blessings. I lucked out with the best Sociology professor at my school. I don't even use rate my professor or anything, I just stick to a time slot I deem necessary and so far it's been working out magnificently in my favor, thank ya Jesus! So that class shouldn't be as hard as I predicted, my Lit class turned out to be small and intimate, my absolutely favorite type of classes. We started right of the bat with discussions of poems and it was genuinely interesting. Then I ended my day with my Pilates class. I am beyond satisfied.

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