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to be obsessed with yourself. to love yourself fervently.. that's what I've always been about. that's always been an ideal of mine, that's always been the makings of me. If you don't know shit else about me, at least know that.

Something told me to hit a new tab and to form those first sentences. Why? I don't know.. has some shit been on my mind? yes (when is that not the case). Have I not been loving myself? Well, *reflective moment* not to my fullest of extents, no. This can be proven with my lack of writing for one and with other personal things I don't necessarily feel like giving those who should no longer be apart of my life process, privy to knowing. Inspiration is a funny thing. It's like a plant, sometimes it just needs love and that tender care, sometimes it needs to be taken care of before it can take care of you.

Although I've been scarily reflective lately and have been reteaching myself (many of things really) to guard my one eternal reflection of self-obsession, my peace, I don't know where this brewed from or what the fuck I'm saying but I hope it resonated with somebody. I'm sure I'll come to understanding myself later.

xxoo missusmonroe