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We weren't ready...especially me, lol. Thrifted blazer, American Apparel crop top, thrifted jeans, American Apparel socks, Primark heels

Last night was a fantastic night. First and foremost though I have some great news. Great enough for you to have orgasmic reactions in your pants, yeah that great... Oh wait this is extremely awkward because I just realized, literally as I am typing these words right now, that I've already announced my camera fixtures... Wow haaahahahaha I am dying of laughter. Look at that, I literally got so happy again, this time to announce it only to be put in this position. Moving on to a less awkward topic. So I went to dinner last night with my ride or die girlfriends. I love getting back into the groove of our friendship and discussions during high school, minus high school shit. It was such a funny night; we had this obnoxious waitress who just couldn't wait to get our arsenals out of there! Y'all know those moments you can't seem to explain correctly for others to grasp how funny it was? This is one of those. She just continued to give us this attitude and was like, "are you guys done?" It came to the point where while we were clearly still indulging in dessert she brought us our check... I hope she wasn't surprised to receive change for a tip. 

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