Cha Ya Sushi

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I discovered this great little Asian bistro that I mentioned in my mother's birthday post, and it was so good that I went again but this time with the girls. Well, the girls minus one because Lin got in trouble (don't even ask because it's a long story). Anyway, so as Sade and I were waiting for Adrianna and discussing all of the people who are jealous of us and don't like us simply because we are us, Rihanna status, Sade came up with the most hilariously brilliant plan ever: we stage Adrianna's birthday. I was discussing how my mom got that free ice-cream with fried bananas sundae and we were like hey, why pay $7 each for one when we could just get one for free? It was great, Adrianna was so shocked until we filled her in and she really milked the whole idea. Plus she fell in love with this waiter, did I mention she has this strange fetish for Asian guys? Oh boy, we're some crazy girls. That was the most fun I've had in a while though, it was really great. Keep an eye out, cause more photos will continuously be added.
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Cali rolls

Hibachi Steak



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So I had this bright idea that every time Sade comes to church with me we take pictures and along with the post I share what we learned in church that day. I don't really care if you're a Christian or not because the things we are told can relate to anyone in any situation.

Anyway, so today was about backsliding. The basic points were not to backslide from the position you're currently in, that backsliders can sense corrections coming their way and also that as the day draws near God's expectations are clear. (Hebrews 10: 19-39)

The thing that really got my attention was that my pastor said that backsliders are selfish and only think of themselves. This got me thinking to my current friendship situation and I realized how true this statement was. Backsliders only want to take you along with them, similar to misery loves company... Hope you guys had a great Sunday! Our Saturday GNO post will be up soon.
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Thrifted floral blazer, f21 body con skirt, thrifted chain bag, thrifted glittery socks, Ecote Chelsea boots


A crazy spirit week

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Homecoming weekend means spirit week! This has been a hectic week to be honest. Monday was Celebrity day, then twin, wacky-tacky and finally school colors/spirit day. It's my senior year, meaning this was literally my last time doing spirit week! This also means that we got to wear purple. Plus my dance team performed at the pep rally today, and I can truly say it was one of our best pep rally performances. I'm so damn proud. This was a very sweet moment for me, no bitterness whatsoever. I'm so excited to  move on from high school.
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The boo Lin

My celebrity was Princess Jasmine

My sisters for life. Camo twin day



Essential coveted A/W boots

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Yes, people of the SOAL planet the day finally came where I bought my coveted Chelsea boots. You guys know I've been craving them since, I don't know over a year ago? And that the attraction has only grown over the past couple of months, especially when I was in the UK. I really took you guys step-by-step in this unboxing process, haaah. Anyway, I'm thinking of capping the top? Tell me what you think, I've already metalliced the boring silver/black studs. I'm so deep in love, it's insane. Next? The beautiful studded Chloe boots.
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Shoe info: Ecote Chelsea boots from Urban Outfitters, $69 in a size 8.5, the sizes run a little small.


Dollah pizza

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Thrifted camo jacket, f21 LA crop top, Atmosphere printed sweats, Atmostphere canvas

So today was a total bust. I was supposed to go to my best friend Lin's house along with the other girls Adrianna and Sade so that we could make our spirit day shirts for Friday. But this dumbass public transportation was late and I was hungry, so I went into the 7-Eleven to see what I could get to eat. I ended up getting pizza for a dollar, a dollar, and came out only to see the bus down the street. Literally, the stop is 10 steps from the convenience store. I waved my hands and everything as the bus just passed right by me, even though I was right. there. Can I tell you how pissed I was? Not to mention I called them and they gave me all this bullshit. Now we'll have to do this shit solo dolo. Previous to this though I walked to Ulta to see if they had the Essie metallic gold I've been searching for to no avail. But after the whole bus escapade I had time to check CVS and lo and behold they did. But that sucker was $8.39 and when I stumbled upon the Maybelline one for only $4 you know which one I chose.

P.S. Sade I was gunna return this to you today, but uh since I didn't see you another time :)

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