If You Stopped Smoking Dope!

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Coincidentally, the title above had a significant role in the festivities of today. NO, don't get ahead of yourself, I am not involved in illegal substances as such and I can certainly say the same for Sade. Haha, maybe if I expand you'll get the grand picture. What feels like forever ago, but was in actuality just a few weeks ago, I was able to play catch-up with one of my favorite teachers from High School. If you remember the alumni day post, I briefly had a heart-to-heart and we agreed lunch one day would be glorious. After relaying everything to Sade she also agreed literally nothing would be more entertaining~ you'd have to know our French teacher to truly understand. After an eye-straining, carpal tunnel forming week of planning this thing it actually came together.

It was great for me *sade speaking* because I wasn't quite able to visit my former teachers over the break.

You may be wondering why I'm making such a big deal out of this ~so wut getting together for lunch? And? That's where knowing my teacher comes into play. Our French teacher is the most quirky, disoriented, funny, wild, strict, spatially-challenged woman on this planet. She's the type of woman to retell a story about a druggie student dying of laughter at "well, if you stopped smoking dope you'd know Tuesday comes after Monday!" part of the story claiming she could never say that. The type of woman to push you to the abilities you didn't even know you possessed, academically and simply in life. She's also the type of woman who has almost no spatial reasoning and is so unaware of her surroundings that she must memorize random things like a Taco Bell near a turn to be able to navigate or else she will get lost on her way home, like last week.

All this frothing at the mouth just to say for today to have come together as wonderfully as it did was a miracle. It was so fun to drive with her all the way to COLLI PARK (College Park for those of you out of a loop) to meet Sade for lunch. *I interrupt your regular reading to inform you Sade forced me into eating at a Vegan restaurant today people of the world. You guys know I love my Parmesan crusted chicken! I swear, only for this child.* 
We talked about any and everything today and I think I can speak for both of us that we re-realized how wise this woman is. Truly special.

xxoo missusmonroe and Sade

*excuse my mini photoshoot*

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