She wants that old thing back

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eBay wool hat, H&M shiny cardigan, thrifted cardigan, H&M crop turtleneck, Lucaya pleather skirt, ALDO tights, Primark oxfords

So today started off as a great day, I was in an extremely good mood. Then I'm going to assume my tiredness kicked in and suddenly I hated everyone. I want to blame it on my lack of coffee, see I didn't figure coffee was needed since I did get 8 hours of sleep last night. However, I see my body is pretty dependent. Not to mention when they day started it was pretty easy-breezy outside then suddenly it was a whirlwind with the wind blowing like I was living in the mountains. I swear, the devil's work was blowing at least 30 miles per hour. It took off my hat and almost ripped both of my lashes off. No, joke. That just put me in the ultimate pissed-off-don't-look-at-me-or-I'll-stab-you mood. That is until I started reading these short stories for my Literature class, thankfully it eased my heart as reading usually does.

P.S. We had a fantastic Fashion Society meeting just a bit after this where I was able to show everybody the blog! I think people liked the vibes, plus it might've convinced some people to start officially blogging themselves.

xxoo missusmonroe