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I can't believe the semester is coming to an end, not to mention the year. It's all passed by so very quickly with not too much to show for it honestly. It's Thanksgiving day and I should be doing an outfit update but seeing as though I left my cord in my room ~sigh~ I'll just wish you guys a fantastic day. I really can't wait for CyberMonday but honestly Black Friday and sales are not what they used to be... There's too much to list but I'm thankful for everything in life right now. I hope you guys feel the same way, stuff your faces, and don't forget to study for exams coming up soon.

xxoo missusmonroe


Count Your Blessings

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 Hello mighty followers,

We want to thank you for being so diligent and faithful with reading this blog. We appreciate all the anonymous faces that contribute to this ☺
On my side of things, I have been doing well. I think I have come to accept that regardless of my situation, I know that I have to count my blessings and be thankful.
In life updates, I have exciting news! After a long application process, I have been selected to be a Resident Assistant for the 2014-15 year! For those who don't know, please search it up! When I read the email, I had jubilance beyond belief! Again, we thank God. Also, I will be joining #teamiphone quite shortly! My mother decided last night.
Anyways, I will be in touch soon.




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In a nutshell, these weeks have been stressful. It's not that overwhelming-about-to-rip-your-hair-out stress but it's the more subtle but will still slay you stress. I'm not overloaded with school work or anything, but just thinking of all of the things that need to be done before the semester is over with is stressing me out, thinking about work is stressing me out, thinking about stress is stressing me out. Yes, I mentioned work because ya girl is now a working girl and already cannot wait until season is over. This has basically been my life thus far. I anticipate my camera being fixed so I can attempt to update frequently once again. Enjoy the fatality of my phone 'camera'.

xxoo missusmonroe



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So I edited this post twice but each time I attempted to add the pictures the connection went wrong so fuck the story, I'm not writing it a third time. It was really entertaining too.

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Wal-Mart tropical shirt, gojane socks, DIY chained Timberlands

Recently, two nights ago now to be very technical but right now it still feels like "last night" comprendes? That was a terrible sentence by the way, I didn't even complete the phrase I began ~hardy har terrible. Haha, anyway, so there was a school sanctioned event named THXBLVCKOVT and it was just this grand excuse for me to sport the new over-sized top I snagged from Wal-Mart for $3, yes three. At events such as these I see females just taking it as an excuse to wear no clothes. As much fun as that is, it's not fun when hands are creeping in your underwear line. Yeah, that's never cute. At all. 

Life is really loading on me and it's moving so quickly at this point. It's so hard to keep up when you get to this point; it's like trying to run with a moving car. At some points you can be equal but you can never outrun it unless the car comes to a complete stop... Enjoy it while it's moving slow is all I can really say.

xxoo missusmonroe


Time to do better

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I'm annoying. Hell of a way to begin a post right? But honestly, my lack of complete updates makes me very irritating to myself. I apologize yet again. But this time I do come bearing gifts and a quick summary of my life thus far. As I type now I'm listening to Drake and the beautiful Jhené Aiko while packing for my performance back in the murdaland for my dance troupe and wrapping up studying for the terrible Geology.

However, in the past couple of weeks I've been dancing, I participated in a Shimmy Kontest held by our kappas, applying to jobs, hopping from metro to metro, getting myself into quite the predicaments, and generally enjoying myself as a whole and the people I choose to surround myself with. 

xxoo missusmonroe

Thrifted sweater, American Apparel silk shorts, Forever21 knee-high socks, thrifted penny loafers

Lucaya sweater, thrifted maxi skirt, Levis, thrifted wool hat

Thrifted everything

Thrifted button-up, thrifted top, JC Penny velvet leggings, thrifted socks, UrbanOG boots

Thrifted sleevless cardigan, Nigerian chiffon top, hand-me-down pants, thrifted pennies

missguided jacket, Primark crop top, American Apparel skirt, River Island socks, ShoeZone shoes, American Apparel wire headband

Thrifted top, thrifted DIY boyfriend jeans, Topshop frilly socks, Primark fringe booties

UrbanOG dress, thrifted tights

Thrifted top, Lucaya leather skirt, gojane tights, UrbanOG boots

Nottinghill dress, Primark socks

Lisa Lopez! Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg