2016 lasts

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So after work I was contemplating where I would embark next on this picture-taking extravaganza life I have curated for myself. Now, I could go to my latest spot but I honestly was not sure how it would coincide with the vibe of this particular look. As I was charging what I'm sure is at this point a fried battery of my iPod, I staring aimlessly at the  empty lot right out front of my building and was struck with an idea. 

Across the way was this bright red trailer glistening under the winter sun and something told me that's just where I was gunna end up, dramatic I know. As soon as I left my room all I wanted to do was turn around. It was frigid. Y'know, I just can never understand why it needs to be so cold and saturated with tsunami winds in the winter while in the summer we're like water-ridden SpongeBob, begging for some godforsaken air circulation. I know there's a science to it and I don't care for it, it should be!

Needless to say I didn't get the most out of this location, it also randomly decided it wanted to suddenly be overcast then snow! However, I've been meaning to document this get together, well really to even put it on, and I guess this day before the year commences is the time. 
I wanted to stay away from the whole slip-over-tee trend cause honestly it's such an easy move for "style points" that it's ugly, you know what I mean. It also just does not appeal to me if I were to be frank. But when I placed this slip I got from Forever 21 nearly a year ago exactly and this old H&M turtleneck, I knew they incidentally belonged together. My favorite part is the little lace detail's contrast with the knit, ugh yes definitely a favorite combination of mine. Shoes have  consistently been an oddity for me in terms of piecing together or molding a look. Usually to combat this, I make my look revolving on my shoes, choosing those first and piecing together everything after such. These last few weeks have posed to be different, just not being able to discover a moment to mull over and develop aesthetics I'm pleased with and instead having to just grab and go.

Apparently this was not that case. Can you tell?

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I embarked on my last final of my last Fall semester of my last year as an undergraduate. That feels awesome to say. It's been really rough for me this time around for what I feel are now uncountable reasons.. There really aren't that many but yknow how feels go. I realized the stress that had been perpetuating in accumulation was different this time around as compared to past semesters. Before I had been worried about funds and acing classes, graduating on time, making myself proud. Getting to this point where I am now. But as I was seeing the debris of obstacles finally  clearing up, I was faced with fresh turmoil.

It took me more than a couple of frustrated nights and a heated argument for it to dawn on me. This pitfall of a feeling and anxiety was riddled in being so very over this chapter ..and not having my next be as secure as I wanted it to. Being completely aware nothing was going to be perfect, I just didn't anticipate this difficulty of circumstances in general. I didn't anticipate a stripping of motivation that literally had a crippling effect. It was like trying to magically conjure up something that does not even exist yet..and not even knowing that's what you're trying to do. It just wasn't happening.
It's confusing honestly. And I realized it's so easy to say "live in the moment" when the moment is joyous even just enjoyable. You don't see nobody saying that shit at funerals; you want to live outside of that moment.

I smile bright because I'm honestly so relieved half of this academic year is over. And I'm still anxious about the place in which my life puzzle pieces will end up landing or settling but that's all in the hands of the future and God. It's crazy, you could have a plan all your life and still end up in the same circumstance and emotional hurdles as someone clueless as to where they want their life to go. Keep your head up.

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bEAST Coast Competition 2016

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Every year, premiere, nation-wide non-profit dance Organization, Culture Shock (D.C.) hosts a dance competition  named.. East Coast Dance Competition lol or just ECDC. Tons of super talented dancers who plan on being in the industry, ~dance is life~ combine their best choreographers, compile their heaviest hitting sets, and fight to the death to impress some of the most industry- notorious choreographers who happen to be the judges for the night. I mean we also have some fun too.. It's truly no big deal. Clearly.

As long as I've been a member of UrbanKnowlogy 101, we've never been apart of this close of the Fall season. The DMV's dance community is pretty deep and well-supported. Everyone essentially knows one another from one competition or another showcase... But we're talking about the East Coast in its entirety, invited to Howard's own auditorium in D.C. to do a lil more than buss a wine. And it was awesome! 
I mean granted, it was one of the longest days I've experienced in a while. And leading up to we definitely had some long, tiring, back-to-back performances.. But fearlessly pushing ourselves to compete against some of who are considered the best around the way, conceptualizing one of the most recognized set theme of the night, and can I just get my props for our styling please, Lol.. for real, all of which just attests to our growth and dedication.

Us as an executive board have surpassed so many personal goals we'd set at the beginning of the season, and it's only halfway through. I'm incredibly proud to say the least. Wouldn't trade these people for the world.

xxoo missusmonroe

P.S. Then we had additional workshops the following day where I absolutely rediscovered my soul.


school daze

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The semester has finally come to a screeching halt. FINALLY. If you're new, that's been the reason for this mini hiatus, if you're a usual, well you know the deal. So, what's been happening over the past few weeks?

It's very possible I'll just do a wrap-up/makeup post like I usually do in these instances...is it weird we really have a protocol for my absences? (laughs out loud), seriously, it's like stop, drop, and roll muscle memory. After about two weeks of nothingness, we all just collectively migrate to our respective instagram accounts, searching for updates there. And to be truly honest, you just may get more details from those two-sentence posts than here..

*awkward giggle* kidding...

It's really been a year since I returned from that one break that never seemed like it would end.. okay I know that describes just about every time but y'know the one, when it was nearly the new year and I made it a goal to be even more consistent with SOAL. I was in Texas and I was just getting a new and fresher perspective on a lot of things, including the future of this blog and its vast potential. I'll address the past year and new year when the time comes but it's unimaginable to me that it's been a whole year and here I am with last year's struggles. Truth be told, I'm over it.

I think that's what this post is about. I love this location and the aura it has, very high school nostalgia, and maybe that's why I chose it. Very ready to end this chapter of my life, if I could do it right now I would. I'm in this moment now but it's very much so serving as a strong indicator of a past life. My past. I've moved on mentally but my being is still constrained here; in today and yesterday.. But a tomorrow not too distant, the new path will be set and it will be a new direction's turn. And that's a day I'm awaiting with open arms.

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Check Up On It

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I know I've been MIA...here's a little check-in that tells you absolutely nothing about what's been happening :)

But I mean, enjoy nonetheless!

xxoo missusmonroe


brown skin.

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Not sure if you've noticedddd, but a lot of my posts, not directly but gist wise, have been inspired by partynextdoor. shamelessly. If you haven't listened to P3 I suggest you waddle on over to spotify, after reading this of course (of course).
You may be wondering what the hell inspired this look with the nearly-there frigid conditions outside and my hardly-there fabric of a skirt and meh of a top as pictured above.. and below (of course). 

*sidenote, my humor in the tone I'm taking to write this is comical, laugh with me. c'mon, a giggle. just a giggle*

So let me further explain. Life gave me a random spew of warm days, see last post, and I ran with it. Also, I know if you saw the post before last I negated this and said don't run. I also lied.
A few months ago when I went to Artscape, the wrap-up post preceding discussed my love for this Boohoo original and how even upon styling it right then and there I had multiple outfit ideas for this top. Well, this was one of them! And God blessed me with the moment to finally whip *drops* it out before the weather drastically changed again.

I love this top especially because of how it meshes so well with so many details. A rewind to way back when it perfectly matched the surprise color of my skirt and this time it's all in the lines. I love it. ANOTHER THING I'M IN LOVE WITH, pardon my excitement but a bihh is ready, this new location though. Y'ALL KNOW.
Okay, y'all are aware of my obsession and prying on location and I am literally always scavenging a new place. Even if it's the white-space corner of my room, make do sweetie. I discovered this pearl and am clearly content with life. The industrialism..with Fall palettes... Am I the only one screaming editorials?? Wow. Just..am I though! All I can say is I'm brand new baby.

When will you all throw away the off-the-shoulder vibe?

xxoo missusmonroe


straight necks and paint jobs

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One day I was thinking of The Olsen sister's show, you know the one, with the dad and the babysitter, they're in like middle school or something or another. And every time I think of the '99-2000s coming back I always imagine them and their platform foam sandals with the frost tipped hair. I also imagine their straight neck cami crop tops, put that into google, I'm telling you I'm saving the world with that search, and I just remember my detest for it at the time when I was younger. NOW LOOK AT ME.

I'd searched high and low for this top; honestly, I was tired of crops and wasn't particularly looking for one but all I could find, the limited choices I had, were crops that were ribbed, thanks a ton for you variety of fabric missguided. Over the summer I just happened to stumble upon one of the Zara sales and honestly, #truly, I believe it was the best one out of their summer blow outs. I scored a plethora of items, the ones I featured in my BTS lookbook, for a very very low cost and this bad boy was among the few staples. 

On the model I was so very eh, but when I tried her on though. And the corset detail, ugh! I know she was heaven sent. Speaking of heaven, lawd hammercy American Apparel better come. thru. In a thrift haul I showed these jeans off but I did not slip into them, look at this paint job! How very 2000s am I here... I've got painted on jeans for goodness sake.
Anyway, enough of my antics. The inspiration to pair these two was the color way. I'd been wanting to wear this at the end of summer, when it's warm enough to be sleeveless but cool enough for my thighs not to itch cause of sweat and irritation (y'all know, don't be shy now) but the way summer quickly dashed off and we had winter the very next day, there was a slight delay. These shoes were a very last minute-i'm-late-to-class-for-the-umpteenth-time decision that I do not regret. Because let's be honest, they go with everything.
Styling made easy! (I really enjoy the sound of that...since that one post I did lol, hashtag anyone?)

xxoo missusmonroe


Don't Run

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All I can say is, what a month.

This is going to be a relatively short post, as I collect myself and my life. A lot has actually happened, but we can spill tea and delve into the details in a little bit. It's like my usual school stress multiplied to another degree.. I don't even know what it is. It feels like mayhem, just a whirlwind of crazy. So I'm scheduling, planning, going against my plans, forgetting, not sleeping, drinking coffee, emotional, unemotional.. all over the place. I feel the end is near for this disaster but it's like can I at least see a spark of light? Where's the end of my tunnel? Can I get an escape plan for 200 Alex?

As far as this get together goes, it was honestly "I'm getting excited for my birthday" inspiration. I wanted to wear this deep plunge number but it's a romper that my ass crack does indeed hang out of. Not the look I was going for. For some reason these pants I thrifted a few years ago came to mind, I guess the slight culotte feature contrasting the adidas shape could've been a reason. Or the sturdiness up top and the agular shape below... But definitely the colors won me over in my imagination process. Later, later, later...

xxoo missusmonroe