Wasted Unwasted Youth

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Forever21 top, DIY collar cuffs, H&M jumper, Primark shoes, vintage necklace

Alright, so today was a very particular day. It started off with me supposed to meet an old friend which backfired in my face. But thank God for that because I stumbled upon the most magnificent thrift store I've ever found. It's sort of like when I got adjusted to the first thrift I went to, and then also like when I was introduced to an even bigger thrift by my father. Now, with those thoughts in mind I really didn't think I'd find a better one than my faithful Salvs until I move to the city, but daaamn was I wrong! The one I found today was mind boggling; I'd heard of it before but I didn't believe it because when I saw it through the windows all I saw was home decor, but I had nothing to lose today so I went in. It's so gorgeous and the bag isle is literally three isles while the shoes take up the entire store. So, I mean you have to know that I was in love. I plan on taking Sade and our other BFF T'Aja next Wednesday, along with some damn money this time, so we can blow that mother up, yeah. *Que Spongebob song* It's the beeeeest daaaay eeeeeveeeeer!
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Scalloped Shorts DIY

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For about a year now, we've seen the scalloped shorts trend from fashionistas alike.
Upon creating this post, I googled up scalloped shorts, and the average prices went from a modest 58$ to a pricey 120$! I don't know about you guys, but Dami and I use that type of money for more important purchases! We're gonna show you how you don't need all that money instead pull from your own closet.

Scalloped Shorts DIY

A handy pair of scissors
A old pair of shorts (or pants in my case)
A scallop pattern for cutting
An ounce of patience
A couple of pins

1. Once you've chosen the appropriate pair of  shorts, you have to make a 'scallop' pattern to cut the shorts with. I found some online, however, my printer is wonky, and so I made mine out of a circular instrument (spool of thread) in my room.

2. Once you've made the pattern, pin it to the shorts, and begin cutting! Be careful because you want to make precise clean lines to avoid fraying thread.

3. And for the last step, wipe the dirt off your shoulders, style appropriately and tada!

xoxo Sade


On the prawl

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bianca:  http://bianca.kastorandpollux.com/

So, I posted a picture of this girl maybe a week ago in the random inspiration post, the pictures I got from tumblr, but you probably don't recognize this girl above because in the picture she was a blond. Regardless her styling is still very prominent. Anyway, then I did not know who she was but I continued to reblog her then finally someone posted the source and boom! I found her! She's Bianca, she's 19 and she has sort of like a brand with her best friend/twin Dani, I'm very skeptical about this twin situation because they don't even look like sisters but ehh who am I to judge right? They're beautiful girls with every-changing hairstyles like me. They're also college students with mad style, OMG I believe I am now currently obsessed with them. Enjoy my stalkerish finds!
xxoo missusmonroe

Dani:  http://dani.kastorandpollux.com


Random finds

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cred: http://www.vogue.fr/

Here I am browsing through some blogs and I love the feeling of finding amazing editorials, not to mention catching up with a popular blogger I haven't been following as closely anymore.
xxoo missusmonroe 

cred: http://www.zimbio.com/

cred: http://www.be.com/%20
cred: http://www.vogue.ru/
[photos above were taken from lefashionimage.blogspot.com]

cred: fashiontoast.com



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What I'm wearing: DIY cropped jacket, F21 romper, Levi's shoes, DIY spiked headband. Make-up look:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHbwKJxf8tE

This is actually from like Thursday. I'm incredibly awkward in front of a camera, my friends think I'm so photogenic or some shit but I really don't think so. It always takes me about 70 pictures to get a good 5 I like, haaha. But I mean, I'm also very silly and I know how to make my clothes stand out on camera, so yeah. Enjoy my weirdness, it's a forever thing.
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Feeling the contrast?

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All that I can say is that I'm so proud of myself. Why just sit around wishing I had the funds to splurge on this $70 jacket when I don't have a job and won't have one any time soon? I mean, the smartest idea here was to make it myself since I did have all the materials ready and I'm planning on buying a new leather jacket this A/W! Damn, it's funny how sometimes things just work in your favor..
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Atelier Versace Fall 2010 Lookbook featuring Monika Jagaciak

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I was surfing through the internets, and I was hit with the fall lookbook of Atelier Versace. Of course I'm 2 years late. These dresses are gorgeous. It almost looks like they were draped on Monika Jagaciak's body. I'm not sure if it's my early prom fever, but these dresses are amazing.

(image source: http://fashiongonerogue.com)