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Thrifted top, DIY thrifted high-waisted shorts, Topshop frilly socks, thrifted booties, and thrifted hat

Has the first day of fall fallen upon us yet? Not so sure, but I think this is a very autumnal outfit. It's probably the hat. As I embark on this research paper, I shall take a pit-stop in the land of somber and not so nutritious energy ~I'm a riot right?

xxoo missusmonroe


Work your body

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F21 sheer top, DIY thrifted high-waisted shorts, American Apparel scarf/headband, F21 cheetah loafers

Gratefully, today wasn't as tragic as yesterday. I'm trying to think of the events of today and actually can't come up with much. I'm currently attempting to make this app for my IT class after returning from one of the dance teams I participate in. I'm getting busy but steady at the same time if that makes any sense. I believe Drake really got me through yesterday in once piece and uplifted my day today. Can't ask for more.

xxoo missusmonroe


Never Was The Same

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As I am currently typing, I'm blasting my baby's third studio album and enjoying every moment. This was the highlight of my day seeing as though I encountered my first collegiate midterm today ~don't you dare ask~ y'know, I really love Drake so incredibly much. I've forgiven him for all of his terrible mistakes, Started From The Bottom, that stupid meme, his lack of dance skills, all of it!
I'm about to go dance, but have y'all noticed every time I wear these earrings my hair's up and I look like a spanish girl with her baby hairs poppin'? No?...

xxoo missusmonroe 


Never let me go

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Dance leo, thrifted pants, Urban Outfitters sandals

Florence + The Machine's "Never Let Me Go" has been consistently stuck in my head all day. I am in deep love with that song, ha if that phrasing even made sense. In any case, today was filled with fatigue. It started off with me waking up late cause I was up studying last night for a quiz today that I would've received the same grade, studied for or not ~facking annoying~. This of course means all of the weeks I've used could've been transferred into studying for my lab of this class. If you have yet to realize, yes I'm speaking of Geology. My midterm is tomorrow and I am going to die. I'm not even remotely ready and I feel like I'm not alone.
This outfit popped into my head on a random occasion so I decided to sport it on the semi-cool day of today. Actually, I can just say cool because it was slightly nippy. I changed my shoes about twice and wish I had three times.



In a nutshell

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It's been a little crazy these past few days what with studying for ill-placed midterms and a new found social life, but I would like to believe I'm handling myself quite well. These are from last Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Thursday was my official audition for the hip hop dance troupe on campus and guess who made it?! On Friday I had a great time in Chinatown, DC of course, with a friend as he celebrated his upcoming birthday. It was his first time in DC and we hit up gallery or whateva ~beytomce voice~ and watched The Butler. I suggest everybody, people of all races, go and see this amazing movie. Saturday I had a Black Student Alliance fundraiser I helped to assist. If you follow me on insta, @missusmonroe, you would've seen my evening festivities ;)

All in all, my week into weekend was pretty hectic. Hopefully it'll calm down, but I am doubting this.

xxoo missusmonroe

GoJane top, DIY thrifted shorts, f21 lace biker shorts, Primark lace socks, Urban Outfitters studded DIY gold Chelsea boots 

Primark graphic tee, F21 bodycon skirt, Primark slip ons

Thrifted top, thrifted jeans, Topshop flatforms


Fashion Week Roundup

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I love the fact that fashion week begins with New York City, basically the only place to be and be considered living in my opinion. The vibes of Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear was very laid back, minimal effort, blacks, whites, and taupes. There were a few designers who went full force creativity wise, highlighted below, and that is exactly what I adore seeing. As an aspiring designer, I love to mix prints, take risks, splash color, and make use of accessories! That was the downfall in many collections this year. Although we can all appreciate effortless beauty, this is S/S we're talking about, where was the damn ambiance?! Nonetheless, the collections were gorge and you could see the work put in. Not to mention the amount of ethnic models on the catwalk this season! I discovered many new or not as known designers that I immediately fell in love with. Here are some of my personal faves.

xxoo missusmonroe

Jen Kao, S/S '14

Jeremy Scott

Proenza Schouler

Rachel Zoe

Betsey Johnson

Marc Jacobs

Maison Martin Margiela

Michael Kors

Thom Browne

Zero + Maria Carnejo

Alexander Wang

And we can't forget about our favorite celebs/bloggers who not only attended but slayed the scene. Some of my faves include:

Natalia Kills

La Vagabond Dame

Rumi Neely



Diane von Furstenburg
DVF went with her classic style as always. I loved this collection. There was nothing completely out there, which I appreciate. Just marketing for that older 20's girl who has a built life but needs to remain chic.

I also loved Osklen's collection, as well. I'm a fan of simple designs but bold styles.  
And a man's good looks can't hurt!

Love you all,
Sade & Lola