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Thrifted Hounds-tooth blazer, Missguided high waist pants, Zara boots 

Food is the only thing that can get me truly upset, it's insane. I was having a jolly good ole' day today until I walked all the way to Subway in the freezing cold with the wind blowing all kinds of mayhem only to... ~deep sigh~ I feel like I should give a little background information. My campus isn't particularly huge but there are parts that are just obscenely far, such as subway. Now add frigid temperatures, mountain-like winds, and the extremely joyful fact that the Subway doesn't even have seats. So not only must you hike there but you must immediately hike somewhere else afterwards. Now, with all of this in mind I slaved there after my last class and taking these photos, so say 4, with only one thing on my mind: a footlong meatball marinara on Italian Herbs and cheese bread with American cheese, toasted, lettuce, mayo, the occasional Chipotle, and Old Bay ONLY to find out they RAN OUT OF MEATBALLS. Or in his words, "we're sold out". It's almost funny my anger, like honestly what does that even mean? This isn't even the first time this has occurred, but at least the other times were near their closing time, at 10. HOW can you tell me at 4 in the afternoon you're sold out?! God was the only thing holding me from back lashing like I usually do. It's quite the scene. Needless to say I didn't get any Subway.

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