cozi aesthetics: kitchen chronicles

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Y'know something, I really appreciate the cozy aesthetic but never have I been able to get with it. To actually commit. Since I'm the type who doesn't wear/buy sweats besides for the purpose of pajamas, the "cozy" wave, I deemed cozi because I mean it's more fun to look at let's be honest, was never really for me. However I seriously love seeing it. This day in particular I just randomly put this together and I think I finally somewhat mastered it for me and my taste. I think the thing was that I've always thought it just didn't do enough to be honest, it just lacked. As in.. if I were to replicate the outfit of someone else for example, I'd look like I just rolled out of bed. The type of thing where it's perfectly cool for you girl, but that shit won't rock with me. But how awesome is this look! One of my resolutions this year was to step even further out of my box. To be even more limitless with my style and to take even bigger risks, personal risks independent of any and everything around me. So I would certainly place this look in that direction. Yes, my hair is indeed purple again, I'll do a separate post on it because honestly in these pictures you can hardly really tell. The reason for this? Well..

Thrifted sweater, missguided dress, Hooters socks, thrifted shoes
So let's touch on this kitchen bit for a moment. As I was leaving Texas my tripod took its last stand (!!! I swear I don't mean to be so funny, swear) and I've been struggling ever since. My camera is still crippled in such a way I never actually explained, but nonetheless it's out of commission. I came back to my suite after a long ass day and it was nearing sunset, explanation for your inability to see the purp, but I knew I had to capture this look...but where?! Suddenly my kitchen smarted gleaming, in all honesty it was sparkling..and my kitchen is not that type of kitchen, okay? *cough* *cough* suite mates *cough* In any case, I suddenly got the vision of this theme for the editorial and this was the wonderful result, cozi homey vibrations. I'm not sure if you can tell, but my shoes are definitely my favorite part of this outfit. Shoes for sure, forever, make or break an entire look. Am I the only firm believer?

xxoo missusmonroe

P.S., blame my ipod, the light position, and the nearing sunset for the wary colors that refused to color correct


Sweetheart weekend

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I come to you in hopes everyone had a cool-as-a-cucumber Valentine's Day, no ice-cream partnered with tears and hopefully not a "bitch he's my nigga!" type of thing because, I mean what a headache. I don't think I've ever thought too much about this "holiday", because lets be forreal, it's only another money plot. But I do enjoy the idea of a day specifically dedicated to lovers and genuine feelings. Does it always turn out like that, well not even close, but at times it's nice to imagine it will be all perfect with someone worthwhile. But some people turn out to be unworthy. 

In any case, this wasn't supposed to be a negative thing! As "Tshirt" by Destiny's Child is currently humming in my background, I reminisce that as a forever single gal (y'all on them black singles chats er nah?), I've always loved Valentine's Day. I think it's the simple fact that other's happiness or perceived rather, doesn't bother me. Seriously, for as long as I can remember I've just always thought my company was the best company. Not that I don't love that of others, but nobody gets me like I get me, you feel me! Haaa, it's a weird mentality from the outside looking in, but it really makes a lot of sense. It's comforting. Self-love really is the best love, I believe. However, these past few months I've really come to terms that it's okay to love others with the same amount of passion you love yourself. It's scary, it feels really risky or something. As if you're about to give up this thing you've held near and dear for so long. Synonymous to a childhood bear or whatever may have you. But at the same time it's liberating? It's okay to receive that love shit as well? Life is as confusing as crack yet crystal meth clear at the same damn time. Like imagine, someone can actually add to the love you have for yourself, the appreciation you've got, even (...wait for it...) supersede it. Solange, aka my muva aka half my spirit animal, says it's the icing on top of the cake. Y'all ever experience this faraway land? I can't wait to wake up to such craziness. In a way I feel like I've been preserving myself for it...

xxoo missusmonroe

Forever21 top, thrifted pants, forever21 loafers


Cultured: Vibrant Vietnam

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I totally am having a bit of cabin fever combined with some wanderlust. I was looking through my old photo albums from Thailand and was caught with a bit of fondness of how brave and carefree I was to travel solo in such a foreign country. Along the way, I surely learned that the world is not as scary as it seems, and that people all have a common bond of belonging.

Over that past summer, I traveled to Burma, Cambodia, and throughout Thailand. I didn't get a chance to visit Vietnam but if I did, here's what I would look forward to:

The country has such beautiful terraces!
Vietnam's very famous, "Halong Bay". I'd argue this is very similar to Thailand's Krabi island.

Ho Chi Minh is also such a vibrant city!

And How could I forget the food??? 

Where would you go if you had one summer?


An Exit as Big as Texas

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This post was certainly supposed to be my wrap up Texas post, but as you can see that never really happened. Right before I left I captured my last day of work and went to a new restaurant for me, that was my experience in Texas in a nutshell honestly, named Kona Grill. That thing on the menu you squeeze your nose at believing you'll hate is usually the one item you'll die for, from experience! Leaving Texas was mayhem then I arrived home and only stayed for about a night, then it was off to school with class the very next day. It was crazy scheduling and now I'm back in the mix of school without a tripod. That's been the real problem, not that I haven't been busy because I have, but I don't even have the option right now *gasp emoji*

Not that there's been much to capture this past week with me being sicker than a dog. I actually had the opportunity to participate in the iAmiKonic dance convention in DC with choreographers such as Hollywood, Rob Rich, Say'Quan, and Kaelynn "KK" Harris and immediately transitioning from that I came down with feverish temperatures and migraines to kill. I've really been out of commission and unable to function until a few days ago! But thankfully and by God's grace, I'm ready to kill this week.

xxoo missusmonroe


Cultured: A Boston Blowout

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Hey There! I got the chance to visit Boston earlier in the year to visit my best friend of almost 10 years! She goes to school up in Boston, and I also took the chance to meet a few other friends that are up there.

I packed ultra-light with just a backpack (Thank you SE Asia solo backpacking for teaching me about packing)! I was super excited to get a better feel for New England and to experience more of Boston this so popular city that I've heard so much about. The food was great, and it wasn't as cold as I imagined.

I went to a performance by the Trap Music Orchestra. They were so eye-opening and amazing!
The Charles River at night!

Totally felt like I was back in Thailand, with this Khao Soi! We got dinner at this awesome jazz restaurant, Thelonius Monkfish. It was amazing. Highly recommend it. It had great live music and a nice feel.
The beautiful Charles River
Until next time,