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Thrifted everything but Topshop socks and Juju Hi babes

This is such a random feeling post with this random outfit, ha I literally just reached into my suitcase, because of course there is no use of unpacking, and these were the items that ended up being in my hand. I believe my Jujus were the only thing I actually planned. In any case, the beginning of my day was spent in the wholesale division of D.C. ~I didn't even know of its existence, it's such a cheap, quirky place to find yourself. My mother and I went in the hopes of finding this shop that sells Ankara that my mom had previously visited. I wasn't impressed at first glance but they had some unique prints, not the same played ones you usually find in Nigeria where the next moomoo or babe down the street is wearing the same. You guys are well aware of my dilemma of imagining a certain thing and searching for it in stores for years only for it to appear years later? ~tell tale signs of a designer~ Well matching prints is in that category for me, along with all of the sandals I'm finally finding this season and still searching for. I know matching prints is out and about now in retail but I've yet to find the exact style in mind! The closest I've found is at H&M but who seriously wants to pay $30 a pop? (I may get it regardless depending on the fit but still! Principles people) So with this Ankara my imagination will come to life. I'm thinking of getting two matching prints done by the tailor, one with a crop that I can mix within my closet, and also hopefully a 5 panel hat. After the trip into the city I felt that itching sensation that pictures needed to be taken? Plus the sun was begging to do some amazing things. As the evening approached I went to my sister's grad cookout/luau (actual pictures of my GRID). I never did upload the post from her graduation...it'll be done soon.

xxoo missusmonroe

the story behind this was as we were attempting to get the picture my brother continued to move forward. consequently, the makeshift booth collapsed and this hilarious moment was captured.


Can you say summer?

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It's so incredibly strange, it doesn't even feel like summer! This is similar to when I graduated from high school and when I was done it was just like, oh yeah sure I'm just at home and ladidadi, but it didn't register that this is the beginning of vacation. There is no more school. I can grasp the concept of free sleep but I cannot seem to get that feeling I used to get when I began my high school career or even middle school when school let out. I'm trying to let you guys know, it. Went. Down. It just doesn't feel as free? (there's also the fact Sade's no longer around and srsly she's like my only friend) I hope these aren't indications I'm growing up and whatnot because that's not funny... Seriously, I'm getting so nostalgic already! In any case, ignore my seemingly dramatic antics. I've been dwelling in my house this past week and I'm sure you guys are accustomed to the details regarding such situations: sporadic outfit posts and a heightened interest ~if that's possible~ in editing. Speaking of which, ~side note, it amuses me when bloggers say things like "speaking of which" or "funny that was brought up" because they're the ones blogging and bringing up situations! Anywho~ I'm sure most of you iPhone users are aware of the photo editing app VSCOcam. If not, there, the cat's out of the bag. It's the only editing app that encompasses everything that I love, depth in no color, control of filters, etc. Not only is the interface simple but they also have a place called a "GRID" where photos can be shared similar to instagram; however, there are no likes or anything similar. Just following, feeds, and viewing. I was more than happy to join because as surprising as it is, I do take pictures of things other than my outfits and now I have a place to post them. It's fantastic and just brilliant. Check me out in your spare time here.

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Freshman year

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I'm still reflecting on the year in totality... I think for someone who had no standards going in, I had a better time than expected. I met some pretty life-changing people, changed my perspective on many things, endured many challenges, had a little too many induced laughs, and gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Although it didn't end the exact way that I would have loved it to, I'm still working on it. I don't know what next year has in store for me or where for that matter, but I thank God for this year. Here's the last few weeks wrapped up!

xxoo missusmonroe

Thrifted top, f21 lace biker shorts, American Apparel socks, JuJu maxi low jellies

Thrifted cardigan, Target sports bra, thrifted jeans, VANS Sk8 his

Thrifted dress, Juju maxi low jellies

Dollar store visor, Forever21 crop, American Apparel chiffon pants, leather Italian sandals

Ebay top, Ebay handmade skirt

Forever21 jumper, Urban Outfitters sandals

Top from London, DIY thrifted jeans, Target garters

H&M crotchet top, Target bandeau with lace, shorts from Sade, thrifted socks, Primark fringe booties

JCPenny kimono, Target sparts bra, eBay skirt, Babe Hi Juju jellies 



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We reunited, y'all!!
We decided to meet in middle of DC with no specific restaurant choice, I've always found it so easy to hop on the metro and select a destination. I find a sort of familiar comfort of the sights and views but equally have the experience of new sounds and feelings. To quickly digress, I am equally glad that I don't live in the center of the city. One, because of the exorbitant expenses (food, oh goodness!). Two, I think that that once you live in such a fascinating and (sometimes) overwhelming place, you tend to dismiss everything as "average" or  "ok." When in reality, there is such beauty everywhere. We surely stopped to enjoy the eats and beauty. We caught from all things related to academics, career focuses and the all-popular topic of love interests. Through our conversation, we both came to the affirmation that we aren't ones to settle. I've always known this about myself and my relationship pursuits. However, I am at the point in my life that I am comfortable with my pertinent relationship status. While it's important to never settle, I have come to understand that I also have to be at my absolute best prior to committing myself to another person. And I am having such a great time in carving out my life to be best person not only for a future partner but inevitably for myself. And that's what matters the most. Hope you enjoy these flicks as much as we did.

Shake Shack (Shroom burger)

Until then,

Sade + Lola