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My favorite meal. Breakfast has always been a favorite of mine since... I can't even remember, but I don't think anything will or can ever suffice in comparison. This morning, the earliest I've cracked my eyes open  and subsequently arisen from my bed all of break, I played catch up with my beautiful blond goddess. You should recognize this place because it's where we said our goodbyes before school started, minus one person and an adventure to Old Ellicott City. Today was just a magnificent day in that I got one of my New Year sale orders and, I GOT MY CAMERA BACK! Fixed. Good as new, bless my soul and the technicians who fixed my baby. But of course that wasn't until I got home; however, I still think the breakfast pictures came out quite lovely. Goes to show you breakfast really is the most important meal of the day!

xxoo missusmonroe

Super S Baseball top 3/4 Raglan in an XXL for an over-sized effect