brown skin.

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Not sure if you've noticedddd, but a lot of my posts, not directly but gist wise, have been inspired by partynextdoor. shamelessly. If you haven't listened to P3 I suggest you waddle on over to spotify, after reading this of course (of course).
You may be wondering what the hell inspired this look with the nearly-there frigid conditions outside and my hardly-there fabric of a skirt and meh of a top as pictured above.. and below (of course). 

*sidenote, my humor in the tone I'm taking to write this is comical, laugh with me. c'mon, a giggle. just a giggle*

So let me further explain. Life gave me a random spew of warm days, see last post, and I ran with it. Also, I know if you saw the post before last I negated this and said don't run. I also lied.
A few months ago when I went to Artscape, the wrap-up post preceding discussed my love for this Boohoo original and how even upon styling it right then and there I had multiple outfit ideas for this top. Well, this was one of them! And God blessed me with the moment to finally whip *drops* it out before the weather drastically changed again.

I love this top especially because of how it meshes so well with so many details. A rewind to way back when it perfectly matched the surprise color of my skirt and this time it's all in the lines. I love it. ANOTHER THING I'M IN LOVE WITH, pardon my excitement but a bihh is ready, this new location though. Y'ALL KNOW.
Okay, y'all are aware of my obsession and prying on location and I am literally always scavenging a new place. Even if it's the white-space corner of my room, make do sweetie. I discovered this pearl and am clearly content with life. The industrialism..with Fall palettes... Am I the only one screaming editorials?? Wow. I though! All I can say is I'm brand new baby.

When will you all throw away the off-the-shoulder vibe?

xxoo missusmonroe


Damn you were at artscape!! I missed you

Amma Mama said...

Love this outfit. #radiant