The Art of Finesse: #WashnGoWars WINNER!

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Thank you all for participating! The winner chosen for this first contest is Whitney C., also known as @thedivawhit. Again, thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for the next product giveaway don't be discouraged lol.

see ya!
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Damage: A Black Woman's History

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Black History Month is never over. There is no such thing as a month for us, there is a such thing; however, as a few days for the remainder of you. As the month of February wrapped up though I began to weigh heavily different things that are "worth it" to me and I came across a slew of spoken word ~bro I love me some words spokennnn if ya'didn't know~ and a question remained in my head:

90's/In Living Color inspired outfit: Thrifted everything but eBay glasses, Missguided boots

why don't I protect my peace?

I know my peace exists. I also know I have recently come to rediscover it. I know that it is one of the most, if not the most, valuable jewels on this here Earth. I know that it is a coveted item like that new Gucci Gucci 20infinity y'all be slaving. I know that it is a direct door to my happy and a direct reflection of my mental health. I know that it can be shaken but not easily stirred. And I also know that it is a badass bitch who doesn't take no shit from any intruder tracking in mud. okay.

I also know that I have done an extremely poor job of protecting it.
I flaunt my peace because that is an uncontrollable thing, it is literally the light behind my smile and the cute ass twinkle in my biggie-smalls eyes. I am not careless with it, read carefully because this is important, but I am not exactly selfish with it either. Why am I not selfish, down-right stingy, with the most important thing in this here world and there outerworldliness. As black women we need to protect our shit. We run around chasing everybody and everything attempting to fix situations because in turn that is where we derive our value from. Our source of belonging and need is from what we bring to others, what fixin' can we bring to the table, and then we look internally and are surprised that we in actuality are not happy with ourselves because we look around and see we in actuality don't have much for ourselves, we don't have much to call our own ~as far as receivables go~. And certainly even less when we speak of trye tangibility. Many cannot seem to find that value within themselves when it disincludes anothers' woes..

Where's your peace?

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An Indisputable Compilation of Exactly What's Holding You Back

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The other day I was sitting around, meandering in my thoughts and stumbled upon what I know you need to free yourself of. In the past I've had my fair share of purges and detoxes..recently I've damn near shed multiple skins and felt like I've lived many lives. I'm out and I'm free and I'm clearer than before and there are so many things that have been on my mind. Let's get right to it shall we?
this outfit, a design by me
In the sincerest but tighten-your-shit-bitch way possible, let go of:

1. commitment that's not committed to you

2. that unproductive routine

3. that complacency that's the root of that anxiety you've got there

4. people who love to project their insecurities on you [fucking people who project, period]

5. deterrents

6. that superficial need to belong

7. a heavy heart
   I discovered an earth-shattering dialogue in the most trusted, world wide web scholarly engine (Twitter) that I know you need to hear so here goes it. "People will pretend and play in your face for however long is necessary. Oppression thrives on superficiality. A lot of people are giving you the superficial because they don't know how to give you something authentic. If one cannot be authentic with self... see where I'm going with this? Don't take it personal. It's life. Don't even pity these people; don't judge. Keep your heart light. No resentment. No anger. No grudges. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Free yourself." - @phoenixandmars

Everybody is going through or has gone through. Sometimes these messages are written to help the writer get to the other side as well; we could all be walking along with each other. It's no race. We all have a plethora of metrics on moving on. Stop with the comparisons already, this "they" you speak of could be just as lost as you but pen to tongue on what is known needs to be done, allows room for healing of oneself. Make sense?

What do you want in life? As 'simple' as happiness or as complex as a 10 year plan. Chase it. Stop looking back. Everyone will be fine without you or they'll have to learn to be fine. And if your need is to be needed (that lil need to belong as we discussed), we need to stand on our own feet and realize that you all by yourself are enough.

Free yourself.

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