My last weekend

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Although this break did not turn out like how I wanted it to, what with being unable to continue working at ALDO and what-not, I still enjoyed myself. I am most definitely one of those people who enjoys their own company. Not that I'm anti-social or anything, quite the opposite I can work with any and everybody; however, many people do not like being without the company of others. I understand it but that will never be me. In any case, this break turned out to be all about me and gathering myself for a semester that's sure to be challenging. This last weekend I spent at home, I was just with family and I went to see my Pommies perform. I'm so proud of my girls and how they competed. This weekend was so simple, relaxing, and just plain worry free. But as I sit here in my dorm now, after unpacking all of the ~foolish~ load I brought, I can feel this semester will be stressful yet fleeting. Before I know it I'll be back at home once again. Thank God this time I completely have my camera so y'all will be here with me every step of the way.

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