Snow... Fallin'

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Yesterday was a snow day which consequently meant all of my classes were cancelled. HOWEVER, I did not know one of them was until I walked the 15 minute walk in the treacherous snow as the obscenely large flakes crashed into my face, resulting in my forest green cape looking as if it took a dive in cocaine. And we can't forget the desecration of my lovely baby hairs. It was quite upsetting. Moving on, I ended up taking a trip to DC to see a particular headache of mine only to return this morning to more snow. Today was a much better day academia wise fortunately. I finally had my first Micro Economics class and I can already tell I'm going to absolutely love it. I have that feeling in my fingertips ~and really in the deep pit in my stomach lolz~ that it's going to be a difficult one but he's so passionate about what he's teaching, he really claimed it's almost more important to him than his family y'all, that it makes me very excited. Then my day went crashing down when I entered my Woman Studies class. Many reasons why, one being I was probably the second black female in the room. I have no problem being surrounded by women of different color, not in the least, but it was disheartening. Another, my professor claimed the way she teaches will turn this class into another english/lit class. Now, keep in mind I am already in an English course this semester and Economics for goodness sake! This woman is mad, I am contemplating the drop not because I believe I won't be able to handle it but I truly do not need unnecessary stress in my life.

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(idk what happened to this resolution...) Everything thrifted but Primark socks