Don't Run

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All I can say is, what a month.

This is going to be a relatively short post, as I collect myself and my life. A lot has actually happened, but we can spill tea and delve into the details in a little bit. It's like my usual school stress multiplied to another degree.. I don't even know what it is. It feels like mayhem, just a whirlwind of crazy. So I'm scheduling, planning, going against my plans, forgetting, not sleeping, drinking coffee, emotional, unemotional.. all over the place. I feel the end is near for this disaster but it's like can I at least see a spark of light? Where's the end of my tunnel? Can I get an escape plan for 200 Alex?

As far as this get together goes, it was honestly "I'm getting excited for my birthday" inspiration. I wanted to wear this deep plunge number but it's a romper that my ass crack does indeed hang out of. Not the look I was going for. For some reason these pants I thrifted a few years ago came to mind, I guess the slight culotte feature contrasting the adidas shape could've been a reason. Or the sturdiness up top and the agular shape below... But definitely the colors won me over in my imagination process. Later, later, later...

xxoo missusmonroe