16 August, 2014  

Every time we show up / U-Street Shenanigans

This past Friday was the day of reunions. I'd recently landed, Sade just got back from her trip and what better thing to do than to link up before the back-to-school breakdown? There's this hipster/college student cafe Sade heard of on U-street that's all about coffee, their cookies, and their "good looking" staff. I can say, their coffee was great and their cookies will blow your mind. Their staff on the other hand? Let's just say they're particularly friendly. We played our usual game of catch up in their beautiful yet bug infested ~and I'm not one to fear insects~ courtyard. As we were crossing the streets back to the station I caught sight of various colors on a wall, grabbed Sade, and we both giddily ran across a thankfully lackadaisical street to the playground where this beautiful mural was displayed because how could we not take pictures with it as a backdrop. When God throws beautiful things your way like that you simply cannot ignore them! Our day was then filled with shopping in the usual spots of The District, rushing back to College Park, and a dinner date with our beloved high school French teacher and confidant. It's safe to say it was a grand ol' day, as it always is with us two. (Coming to a city near you)

xxoo missusmonroe et Sade

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07 August, 2014  

BKYLN, We Go Hard.

I planned a mini vacation in Brooklyn for the past weekend. I stayed with some family. It was freeing and comfortable to take a break from my continuous summer work. When I arrived in BK, it no longer contained a sense of alienation and foreign land. I felt at peace. I wouldn't say that I felt as comfortable as I do when I'm in DC but it was close. I had the greatest time visiting friends and of course catching up with family.

While I was there, I felt myself thinking about "adulthood" and what it means to really be do things by yourself in the world. I understand that when you are in college, there is a certain level of adulthood. However, I refer to that experience as "supervisory adulthood" because even in that experience, there is a sort of "bubble" setting. It's a setting that plays a proxy of the real world but doesn't quite make the mark. The real world is very different and very big compared that of a sheltered setting. I would like to think that I am ready for what that entails but I think that in life there is a certain level of unexpectedness that you can't study, prepare or train towards. And I think that it is in those moments that you have to grab life by the horns and hang tight. Hopefully, I'll learn how to enjoy the ride.


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06 August, 2014  

I feel like summer's over

Even though it's not, as soon as August first rolled around it was suddenly like, "oop! School time!" I was totally prepared before that hit me. So I think I'll just continue reminiscing on summer until the last possible day I can hah. Now that I'm back in the USofA I can show y'all my last days of Nigeria. I was only there for two months and it was already so difficult to say goodbye to everybody, especially in the office. But before I left I took pictures with *almost* everybody I was close to, memorabilia I suppose. As much as I'm going to miss the office I'm not going to miss all of the behind the scenes sneaking around those Naija men, and not just Nigerian men, do. They make for great stories but only until you realize that's actually someone's life. In any case, of course my aunt wouldn't let me leave without doing my hair. I'd been stalking this method of doing hair for almost a year now, or even a bit more than that, and I planned this exact moment to try it out myself. I literally had to teach the "hairdressers" in the salon because apparently nobody knows how to crotchet braid, whatever. After hours of telling them they were doing it wrong and showing them over and over again, they finally learned the style. Here I am just handing out hair lessons and whatnot, giving them new business! Everybody loved it when it was done. I liked it, but I didn't love it until I layered, chopped myself, and blended the two textures we had to use together. Here are my last days.

xxoo missusmonroe

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25 July, 2014  


Today's my last day at my Industrial Training AKA work here on the beautiful island. It's kind of bittersweet, I'm tired of some people, as expected, but I'll miss many of the staff. I love great personalities, it keeps me so very interested and that's what happened for the most part. We're busy taking loads of pictures today, but I hope my camera will last all of today cause my battery is already on like 1%... Such photos will be uploaded in the future but seeing as though my flight back home is around the corner and work was the only place I could manipulate the internet, I won't be around until I leave. Until then, I'll leave you with a few snaps of some of my favorite looks from this designer I just stumbled upon the other day. These looks were from her A/W RTW line for 2014; while I was watching fashionTV here they briefly showed the show and I just had to find the photos (from Google). The turbans, the long coats.. completely breathtaking and in my favorite colors! It also makes my skin itch for Fall. Meet, or be reintroduced, to Stéphanie Coudert.

See y'all soon!
xxoo missusmonroe

Stéphanie Coudert Womenswear, Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, Paris Haute-Couture

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