30 August, 2014  

Love comes from within

Friday was our NPHC step show but that's besides the point hah, I premiered my Ankara pants tailored in Nigeria, without the matching caftan, and I was just in love with my outfit guys. Plus the Brandy Melville knit crop I've been searching and drooling from all summer that I finally found on eBay. It was just the perfect outfit.. I don't even have much to say really. Hope y'all have a grand 'ol Labor day weekend.

xxoo missusmonroe

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27 August, 2014  


Today I experienced a massive amount of annoyance regarding higher figures in my life still stuck in their mindset of women and modesty. I don't think that women should be sloring themselves around or anything of the sort; however, I don't believe that the way I dress should be determined by the fact that one day I want to marry and I should be obsessed, really, with how males view me. That every time I get dressed I should be thinking of how others will view me that day. Sooner or later my happiness, joy, and pride will then be in the palms of others. That sounds a lot more like slavery to me. I am me and I will never be we and even when I become an us I will always be me, not you.

xxoo missusmonroe

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26 August, 2014  

I love birthdays

I think I love birthdays more than the celebrant does, I mean really get into it. One of my close friends' birthday was today and we surprised her at dinner, her reaction was pretty magnificently priceless. I've experienced many variations of foods and have dabbled in the foods of different ethnicities but I have never had Lebanese food! That is until tonight, it was Lebanese/Mediterranean and y'know technically it wasn't even that ethnic because it wasn't apart of their original dishes but it was still an experience. As you can see from the photos, the food is so very photogenic and tastes as great as it looks. 

xxoo missusmonroe

Missguided crop, DIY jeans, Juju maxi Jellies

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25 August, 2014  

Until next time summer

Today was my first day back in school and can I just talk about how grateful I am to be back in the flow of things. I've noticed more and more people, especially black people, after high school not doing anything to further their education. I don't even know what I would do with myself, I just told my sister the other day even when I'm in school I still don't know what to do with myself! I understand going to work but everybody's so replaceable, especially without a degree. Then again, if there's no money for it what can you truly do but invest in digging yourself into more money trouble? Anyway, the true reason I was extremely happy to be left alone after moving in was because the process was just so tedious this year. Too much shit right? But I still can't help but resignate with the last couple days of summer...

xxoo missusmonroe

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