June 30, 2015  


Injustices are something I do not take lightly. My brothers and sisters are being left in the streets to rot, blood seeping into the concrete, wrongly charged with crime after crime, attacked, shot, choked for misdemeanors... and what? I'm being told to shut the hell up basically, be grateful it's not me, "all lives matter", race is not playing a part in anything, crimes against my skin is not racists it's only hatred... AS IF I AM AN IDIOT. I am waiting for the day each race will be treated equally for the same crime. They day you can see we are not hateful, we sympathize with you the rare times you are massacred, we open our arms to welcome you, vision blind to the color of your skin. But what is the outcome? A killing spree of our people in one of the most sacred and vulnerable places of all. A stab in the back. Every time. I am not Bree, I did not climb up the flagpole and remove the confederate flag but that does not mean my opinions do not matter or my actions carry less weight. I am tired of my race, time and time again, being treated like the scum of the earth. As though we are less important than everyone else but we should be grateful, we've come this far haven't we? You've come together to legalize same sex marriage, marriage between a dog and a human, incredulously marijuana, in spite in your precious tax dollars, in many states across the nation. When will it be legal to be what I actually came out the womb as? What I actually did not choose to be but will hold with pride as if I did? You see this Rachel? This is what being Black in America truly means.

When can I be black? Where can I be black? When can I walk out of the house and not look at every white person who stares at me for a beat too long pondering if they are also racist? When can I walk into a store and not have to worry about the shopkeepers eyeing my hands? When will you realize this is a race thing? When will you realize there is privilege? When can I be truly free? ...

When will we actually progress?

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June 8, 2015  

To new beginnings

Hey everyone!

School is finally out, scream and shout, and I'm still as busy as ever but I've dedicated this summer to improving the blog and making time for everything I want to see bloom. I'm thinking of an entirely new layout and visual experience. I want to come out with some new youTube videos and be more interactive with those loyal to us and our vision. I've still got tons of updating posts to do, not only clothes and experiences but also the journeys I've chosen to embark upon. Life should be interesting, right? Full of wonder, hope, and joy. I really want to emanate that going forward because I do believe it, it's just so many people have stopped believing it. 
In any case, here are some of my favorite looks that I've deprived SOAL of within the past four-five months. Other vacay posts and what-not, I still want to be separate so I can speak of a few moments. Love y'all for your everlasting presence.

xxoo missusmonroe

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February 24, 2015  

About forever

Thrifted unitard, thrifted pants, thrifted belt, F21 loafers

Forever is what it feels like, eternity actually seems more fitting. And this is only to say hello, not even an update! I've promised myself time and time again I was going to update tonight, or that I was going to come back full force next week... But I honestly couldn't! I still can't fully commit right now, but I need to do something because writing is my outlet and I've yet to write anything that wasn't school work in ages. It is starting to take a toll on me. In any case, sometime soon I will fully update you guys; thanks for being so, so patient and encouraging. 

xxoo missusmonroe

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January 24, 2015  

New Years in Spirit

Hey All!

Just like Lola, I also went to W. Africa (Ghana) to spend time with family. Attached are pics! Completely breathtaking.

January 13, 2015  

Happy New Year!

As a true African saying Happy New Year until like May, I wish you and yours a fantastic year, filled with adventures and accomplishments. If you remember, last year on New Years Eve my grandfather of then 98 years slept with the Lord. It didn't come as a surprise seeing as though he'd been suffering with his sight for many years then; however, that didn't stop the traumatic feelings we all encountered. This year we devised a now annual celebration of his life in Nigeria, this year beginning with a Thanksgiving/Commemorative service followed by a food-filled party/reception. That was my main purpose during the New Year period and my main reason for being back home so early, but the short time I spent blossomed into the exact vacation I needed after the semester I had. It being Harmattan season, it was supposed to be the hottest of the year, especially to me coming from the freezing tundra of the US, I didn't know I was going until a couple of days beforehand so I only brought sweaters from school... It was just predicted to be one of the most uncomfortable, sweaty, and annoying experiences I'd have up to date in Nigeria. But to God be the freaking glory, the weather was absolutely paradise-like, cool even, I only stayed in boring-old Ilesa for the weekend, in Lekki they started giving us electricity for much longer periods, my clothes turned out to be perfect for the weather and border-line appropriate for the prude/scrutinizing eyes in town. 

I saw family members I hadn't seen in probably over 10 years, so long I didn't recognize their faces at all. I didn't eat my heart out, a conscious decision, but I did eat fantastic Jollof for a week straight. I took enough selfies to last a lifetime, camera-roll wise. What can I say, the natural light was literally spoiling me! You cannot find wonderful light like that of Africa, I promise you that. I just thoroughly enjoyed myself. I miss everything and everyone already.

xxoo missusmonroe

SE London 

eBay reversible bomber jacket, Boohoo batwing cardigan, thrifted jersey, f21 joggers

Lekki, Lagos


Olumirin Waterfalls, Erin-Ijesa

Ikota Shopping Complex


fast walking (cause I don't run) into 2015

London Heathrow Airport

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