25 July, 2014  


Today's my last day at my Industrial Training AKA work here on the beautiful island. It's kind of bittersweet, I'm tired of some people, as expected, but I'll miss many of the staff. I love great personalities, it keeps me so very interested and that's what happened for the most part. We're busy taking loads of pictures today, but I hope my camera will last all of today cause my battery is already on like 1%... Such photos will be uploaded in the future but seeing as though my flight back home is around the corner and work was the only place I could manipulate the internet, I won't be around until I leave. Until then, I'll leave you with a few snaps of some of my favorite looks from this designer I just stumbled upon the other day. These looks were from her A/W RTW line for 2014; while I was watching fashionTV here they briefly showed the show and I just had to find the photos (from Google). The turbans, the long coats.. completely breathtaking and in my favorite colors! It also makes my skin itch for Fall. Meet, or be reintroduced, to Stéphanie Coudert.

See y'all soon!
xxoo missusmonroe

Stéphanie Coudert Womenswear, Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, Paris Haute-Couture

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21 July, 2014  

July 12th

I wanted to make this post before the weekend that just passed but how life worked... well y'know. In any case I went to visit my grandmother whom I love ever so dearly. This was my second encounter with her in two years, the first a few days before and it was definitely the first time since my grandfather's death. This woman is so so strong. She was just reminiscing, I'm sure subconsciously, about the random things of life when they were still together. We went to her church on Sunday and we walked past a sidewalk with those long gutter slits? She just passed the comment of how she used to tell my grandpa how he should watch out for his cane, to make sure it didn't get stuck. It was such a simple statement and she even laughed a bit but it only filled me with grief and sadness. To be someone's life partner for so long then to have them just taken away... I don't know man.

Before that sadness though, the day before my cousin, my grandmother's driver and our driver and I all went out when we arrived to the waterfall in Erin-Ijesa. I was under the impression that I was going to see some water...not that I was going to do some intense hiking where if it wasn't for my cousin I probably would've slipped in the multiple unsafe areas to my certain death. Y'see the waterfall apparently has seven layers where you must climb to each level. The first level they've completed so there are stairs to it, but the following level has a much steeper set of stairs that lead to where they expect one to climb down to the water without a path. The next level you've got to scrape and grapple for stones, thick branches, and little bits of the mountain to grab onto. It was beyond beautiful when you finally get to where is necessary. Clearly I wasn't prepared for any of this, including bringing the swimming essentials I was apparently expected to have handy. I didn't even dwell on a possibility people would be in the water! I think I thought of it like the Niagara but even then, I still haven't even been there. Whatever, it was amazing either way.

xxoo missusmonroe

Olumirin Waterfalls

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15 July, 2014  

Since when does Fashion have boundaries?

Many of you guys might know I was featured on Fashion Bomb Daily's website for the second time, this time with me actually submitting. Actually, new readers might know but for our usual indulgers here's the link: http://fashionbombdaily.com/2014/07/07/fashion-bombshell-day-dami-maryland/. This post is about that submission but more so what stemmed from it. The thing is there was a strong amount of backlash in response to the posting of both my official post and highlights on FBD's insta with people behaving in their usual tendencies when they see something they may not be able to completely understand, in other words whenever they see me: rude/harsh commentary about anything but the point, far-off assumptions about my life or the way I live it, instructions on how I should ~those are rather funny~, and just a lot of hatred and apparent bitterness. With that being said, that's still not the point of this post. I could sit here and complain about how people are, I could respond to each and every one of their comments but seriously, why the hell would I waste my precious time? I just wanted to address something to all of you readers out there who may not be as confident as I am or who are but are struggling with bullying or whatever you may have it.

First of all, the short description I gave Fashion Bomb Daily was the complete truth. I've been different from the beginning and I will go out different. My different isn't even like others' different. I've noticed if someone is what others consider beautiful if they are "different" or "stand out", which isn't really hard to do if you're beautiful, it's completely okay. In fact, it's encouraged and praised. BUT if one is to be like me, completely hideous to one person but wonderfully beautiful to another, it's not allowed. No, no, if that beautiful person is of my complexion and they are wearing some nice, bright red lipstick they're fierce and praised for not allowing complexion boundaries to disallow them from moving forward and being their beautiful. However, if someone like me were to do the same thing I'm torn down, I'm ridiculed, and make fun of endlessly. I'm told I shouldn't do that, instructed to "tone it down", be like everyone else. What's the difference here? PERCEPTION. I want to let y'all know that if you are in the same position I've always been in, it will be hard to shut those voices out. It hurts at first, it hurts a lot and don't ever think it won't in the beginning. You just continue to wonder why people treat you this way and why can they not accept the fact that you aren't like them! Simply and plain, you will never be like them. 

The events of the past week reminded me of so much that I had gone through, because up until now it's been pretty good in relation to this. But people will be people and many ignorant people will continue to believe that all of their opinions are indeed fact when they are nothing but opinions only relating to little ol' them. 

A comment that I happened to read with the official feature though was pertaining to one of the looks and it said something along the line of look blah-blah would look a lot better with heels and a clutch. Heels and a clutch people, I almost threw-up through my laughter. If you even just browse through the submissions that's all everybody submits! To some that's stylish but to me it has its time and its place. It's not really "classic" and it's not truly fashion-forward to me. It's more so something to fall back on if all else fails to me. That comment stuck with me and with all of the insults and worthlessness people wrote, that probably insulted me the greatest. To simplify myself to what someone else believes in so that someone else can feel comfortable? How far must I go then to make you, the not-owner of my life, happy?! Y'know, there's constructive criticism which is trying to better what someone already has for the good of them and THEN there is this, where people who know nothing but what they believe they know are only trying to change who someone else is. My style doesn't depend on others and my beautiful doesn't need the approval of others. I'm comfortable with me and if nobody can accept and respect that, that's completely fine with me.

xxoo missusmonroe

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10 July, 2014  

Yarn Dreads/Faux Locs Hairstyles

I've been away from my youTube uploading for a brick but I haven't left mentally! Ha, it's just really hard as I explained attempting to record in my dorm room. In a few weeks I will return from abroad and will be uploading my usual BTS videos with a few new things to add to the annual Back to School series. In any case, there are so many box braids, including my three heheho, and Senegalese twists hairstyle tutorials but with the most recent type of protective style mainstreamed, there are hardly any tuts on it. So here are the styles that I came up with on the spot. Hope y'all like!

xxoo missusmonroe

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