HOW TO Dispose of These Niggas in 2018 (And Keep Them There)

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We're about a month into the new year and you might have already slipped into old habits, .. or rather he did.. you catch the drift. It is, however, never too late to leave a dude in the past if he is no longer up to a par, standard, or he's simply just f'ing up. Y'all know me by now, it's highly encouraged, it's preached, praised..outright glorified. Yes, I am well aware it is 22 days into 2018, but it is never too late to get rid of a 2017 nigga! (And while we're at it, let's just be honest: many of y'all are still latching on to 2015 so let us not get wrapped up in dates but rather focus on the end goal) A past year, in the new year, a future's just never too late to remind a dude there's plenty of him wherever he came from, alright.

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Below lies your carefully crafted, no chaser guide from a professional snip snipper, never-ever-met..cher.. Get into it:

1. Self-love yourself rotten.
  • take that pole dancing class you swear is only for exercise. Stuff your mouth with as many dicks as you'd like, making men weak in the knees and fall in love only for you to leave them on read. If that actually makes you happy (discover your real happiness) and gives you a positivity to add to your life, well then why not? (okay STIs are a why not but of course after verifying that)

2. Stop with the mental pet-names.
  • stop with the googoo-gaga. Stop calling him what was in the past and begin to call him what's in the future: nothing. rid yourself of the endearment; it no longer exists, it's no longer genuine and if it's no longer genuine, you no longer have room for it in your life. period.

3. Tattoo "BLOCKED" on your forehead in Rockwell Condensed font.
  • block is your best friend, as is that little unfollow button. You need a purge, a cleanse, not a constant irritation. And remember, if it's not in Rockwell, it doesn't count.

4. In one ear and out the other *in my best Belcalis voice*
  • if he finds God thus granting him someway and somehow communication with you, see number 3, do not allow any of his words cascade into your spirit. Take it with a grain of salt and dust it off like a feather. Once his words begin to mean rat's ass to you, you're in a great space.

5. If you don't have nonchalant in you, cut the ties
  • know yourself. If you know you're possessive, aggressive, jealous, easily yourself a solid and stay away from triggers, ie him. Quit trying to convince yourself "it's just one text/response" .. after deleting then recreating yet another thread of his. You ain't even built for all this.

6. If you must respond to him, 
  • which you never do, be sure to explain just how much of his business you are (none.)

7. Invest in your hobbies.
  • every time you think of him, his nameor see his face, do something for you. Finish a project you only mentally started, find a hidden talent. something. Don't just try to keep yourself busy but keep yourself creative, keep yourself mentally stimulated, keep yourself motivated to do everything you might have put down or neglected for the attention of another

8. Conserve your energy.
  • be greedy. I mean, you deserve it right? (the answer is yes)

9. Stop listening to the mumble lies.
  • and this doesn't end with him

10. Stop settling.
  • you might not have to cut so many niggas off if you didn't frolic with the first dude  who paid you some mind. Regardless of what you're looking for, a FWB, a relationship, a dick, realize you're a one of a kind woman and this is still your energy you're putting out there. Protect it.

Thrifted white chinese collar shirt, Coley's stolen sweater, Nordstrom Rack skirt, American Apparel socks, Zara boots

11. Stop trying to forget the memories.

  • remember them. When they come to mind think through them, recall the details. then get over them

12. Who the fuck are you?!
  • remind yourself of that. And when you're going good, doing better, remind yourself again, there's no need to go back to a past. Cause you know good and well that's exactly when a nigga remembers that he "misses you around".
xxoo missusmonroe


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