Healing. You penciled that in?

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Let's approach the elephant in the room. I know many of us are hurting in various different ways, some specific to us and our circumstance and some unbeknownst to you completely. I also think many of us are walking around with the weight of the world, those before us, and those before them. The incredible amount of people meandering this earth with sicknesses and distraught.. We're simply going through so much and are just always on the go. You'll be lucky if you've taken time out to even identify your issues. Fucking blessed to be able to address them. And alcohol them down and gauze 'em up? Other worldly.

It's laughable but it's entirely true. There's hardly time in the day to sit and think to yourself, if you're in school or working, without your thoughts interrupted with the urgency that you should be doing something else. Or when you are thinking, it's because someone tiered above you told you to, so now you're thinking on your time for someone else. If there's hardly a moment to breathe for yourself, do you imagine you have actually healed from all the wounds you've accumulated?

Ever had a conversation of privilege? If you're a POC I imagine you know what I mean, if you're not, you may not recognize this word at all *cue Joanne Prada ~ don't know what that is...neverrr uhm, felt that ~* Well it exists. It actually comes in any form you can possibly think of and self-identity is certainly one. Healing? Bet your bottom dollar; just package that and wrap it right in the privilege box.

This all goes to say the majority of us haven't had that time to heal. To forgive. To correctly and effectively move on. To be happy again. So where's your self love and how can you expect to exude anything other than bitterness and false pretenses? I guess what I'm really trying to get at is when seeing all this destruction and mayhem in your life and wondering why nothing is going right, when dis-aggregating, look for the first place you need healing. You have chaotic relationships, you and others just seem to always bump heads and you can't seem to understand why they act the way they do? Check your privilege. Not everyone has had the same recovery as you, even though you may never see it as a luxury.

get yo' healing on. and love yourself, even though that's milestones of easier said than done.

xxoo missusmonroe

P.S. I don't know if I've ever went into my spiels about wanting finger waves but it's a look I've always adored. When I cut my hair almost two years ago now, it literally grew too fast for me to do so! Everyone seems to love the shorter look better on me.. but it was literally the inspiration for this palette and this combo. It'll probably be the root to my future madness as well *continues to rub hands like birdman*


Fashion Blogger woes

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Around this time last year I made a pretty well-received post about tears for NYFW, if I do say so myself...which I do. I basically figuratively, and maybe a real crocodile, shed tears every year for yet another absence at my mecca. And this year as it was right in the crevices of my fingers, I wondered how many other bloggers actually talk about their downfalls?

See, I've been blogging for about 10 years. As crazy as that sounds, Sade and I literally had blogspots and WordPresses way back in the day. Of course they were nothing of consistency and it certainly wasn't this blog, but I know the storyteller game. And trust me, you can only talk about new murals and front row seats for so long ~I know I know, but the free clothes! C'mon, there's only so much we can take seeing okay. There's way more content out there! And it's actually more interesting. Imagine that.

To be real, people like to be assured others are going through shit too. No one likes to feel like they are the only ones going through mud so there will be diligent readers out there. But realistically, I just wonder if I am the only person out here that actually enjoys talking about life. And I don't know about y'all, but my life certainly has pitfalls...black holes even. I don't need to detail to the entire world the crap or the blessings but at the same time I'm not going to lazy around with a fake grin plastered on my face and play the pretending game... content is an interesting thing to observe when you personally know the dirty dirty in creation.

just a thought.

In any case, I'm not sure if I will do a wrap up NYFW post this year, what do y'all think? People are so fake wrapped up in fashion they should be good right? Honestly (truly), I haven't even watched any shows this year. Crazy, I know. It pains me this time especially I suppose. But maybe I'll just get over it and do it..

Oh and this outfit was really random. I mean my hair really added to it but I think it was a straight shot at the target regardless. This top was from a recent NY day trip; on my usual vintage store tirade I went to a new location of Beacon's and scored pretty well. I've had the hardest time trying to style it without just adding jeans, I'm sorry, all I'd have to do after that is add some heels and I'd be your basic popular feed blogger. Am I even wrong? Ohh, calm down, what I'm trying to say is I wouldn't be me..** But I coincidentally grabbed these shorts that are actually part of a separate co-ordinate and made magic. Of course bright feet and a bright lip to saturate and bring everything together.

xxoo missusmonroe


Afropunk 2016, what instagram doesn't show you

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photo by @danellsdamngram

If you don't know what Afropunk is, let me save your life once again. Although it is now global, this festival is home to the one and only BK. Black musical geniuses and artists come together in a weird Afrocentric, space galactical form and party-arty-arty two days long. It's also the mecca for festival fashion, yes you heard me right, Coachella does not compare. Photographers, vendors, magazine writers galore from all over make their way over to Commodore park to be apart of the madness and to capture its beauty. You're welcome for that blessing.

right photo by beauty of the black woman
roe. ebga orun choker, boohoo bathing suit top, thrifted silk pajama pants, chanel chain purse

So I know by now you've been up and down the afropunk hashtag and have oogled over the flower wigs, bright outfits, and cancer-free boobs but have you ever wondered if that's all to the punk of the afros? Have no fear, I'm here to tell you there is!

As a first-timer myself I thought all there was to it was what instagram showed. The glimmering sun, the multitude of food trucks, the beauty that is black... That's not entirely true. They don't show the stifling heat, the greater than stifling dust, the vast fields you can't walk through without busting a sweat. To be honest lol there's a lot that can't be included in IG actually.

So when we first arrived in NY we struggled through the traffic and had to endure unloading all of our vending equipment for what felt like days in the humid heat. See, if instagram does happen to shed light on the vendors, everything is essentially perfect and ready to sell. Where's the sweat, struggle, and more sweat that is behind the scenes? When you see the vending section it looks like it's always been there just sitting pretty and ready to go. I had to actually take a step back and recognize this myself. All the fanciness of some booths funny enough, didn't just miraculously appear one day. You don't see we don't get any food or even a cool cool beverage while setting up; we have to scavenge for ourselves to be honest(laughs out loud but not really)and just make everything work.

But in doing so, you do find amazing eats in the city. If you ever have a chance and you want to dip and dabble in vegan food, Toadstyle is a must. You literally must. So we go through those motions and this is only really in preparation. The day of you have to try and beat traffic from wherever your hotel/couch location is in order to make it to your tent early. And if you were like us, the boiling day before didn't allow for actual set up so you planned on throwing some things together the day of. Instagram doesn't show the bills thrown at the coordinators in order to vend but they only supply a lil measly tent and not even a helping hand. Not even a ride on their carts from your tent to the car to unload unless you happen to run into the right person like we did.

I realize this is making Afropunk sound no fun at all, lol which isn't the truth! It was actually a lot of fun, but it was my first event actually legitimately vending and it was a mighty big one to begin with. That being said, I don't know what instagram Afropunk is! I've never attended that one but thus far I attended the real deal and it's not all bright and shiny, I'll tell ya lol. Instagram also leaves out a few more things..

photo by @_yoshann

Insta may not show you all the hundreds of smiling faces regardless. Not all the support and encouraging words you may hear from other black faces and black businesses. Insta sure doesn't show the dirt kicked up in your face, but from the feet of festival goers dancing the celebrating the night away. Instagram shows the photographs but not the dozens and dozens of creatives being photographed (even though they may be choosy with your photos. **By the way, eeveryone comes for magazine/IG pics Sunday). 

All in all, the internet and apps always glamorize things. Here's your little guide to Afropunk 2017, be well prepared and well hydrated. And come very full. Don't get wrapped up in what your phone shows you but have an amazing time regardless of any disappointments! I know I did.

xxoo missusmonoroe

photo by slimstergraphy
courtesy of Buzzfeed's 22 Most stylish New Yorkers
roe. ebga orun choker, Pretty little things metal bralet, boohoo bathing suit bottoms, pretty little things mesh shorts

photo by @guerilah