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...do we so easily give up on things we claim we love the most? And put so much time into what we proudly proclaim "couldn't care less about"?

why do we take pride in giving up.

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bryant, kobe

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On October 9, an unrecognizable gem was released into the thickets of West Africa, Lagos to be exact, and she's been exuding a special  type of shine ever since.

Captured by Michee

This year was meant for greatness. That I already know. Not only am I speaking it, but I've just had this feeling of "things are reaaally just getting fucking started" ever since relocating. It's wild, back home I don't even think I imagined 23.. As in after graduating I wasn't sitting around imagining my next year.. the furthest I'd sometimes dwell on is just the next day. Hoping and halfheartedly believing the next day would be better than the current. Would be more encouraging than the present. And in those  moments you all know I was writing everything off as dramatics...but hell, being on this side I really see how poisonous life was then, literally less than 6 months ago. The happiness and just simply weight-free life I'm fortunate enough to indulge in right now is a crazy 180 from depression and deeply rooted anxiety. So if through that I was able to accomplish this life, I can only imagine my Kobe.

The shots here were produced on my birthday, not how I expected spending my birthday but I was completely unopposed. It was a great time in fact. This videographer I met at CurlFest reached out to me seeing if I'd be interested in shooting. He was interested in expanding his work and pursuing fashion photography and inquired if I could be a canvas for an afternoon. Now am I denying that?

Pretty wild to think there's an actual category for what I do, particularly because I've been doing it for so long. I'd never imagined to be thrown into something called fashion photography, well blogging wise. I haven't figured out yet if I like it or not lol cause honestly I don't like categories or pooling and generalizing but for this moment it's whatever.

The unity of this outfit, cause I haven't detailed my pairing mental in a lil minute, came pretty organically as usual. I'd been eyeing this denim jumpsuit from Nastygal since June and finally purchased it in September ~don't ask. The green stole my heart as we all know I love me a good emerald to forest baby, and the denim touch licked me up right after. It does (more than) enough on its lonesome so since I'd wanted to do something different with these locs, I pulled it back with a little wisp on the sides. 
Shoes. *gag*
Even though they're usually my favorite necessity, always my most difficult part unless I already have shit mapped out. Which. Of course I didn't. Thus! I reached into my magical, endless box, crate, of foot magic and grabbed some shoes I haven't worn in what feels like ages and it seemed to just come together from there. 

Thank you to Michee for these visuals; when I say I'm in love I cannot be lying. I took my hand at editing as I at times, always, do ~midas touch
How are y'all loving this green? Don't answer that. I already know.

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goodbye 22

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22 was a whirlwind. 22 was a journey. 22 was teachings and tears and laughter. 22 made me want to end it all and it made me need to risk it all. Last year, I went into this age running away from bearing my emotions and putting them into words. This year I wrote them all down and owned every single one. I felt everything. I didn't allow myself to be small because of what I was feeling. 22 re-taught me nearly every damn thing I learned in 21 years. Most importantly, it left me with a few most memorable lessons.

     1. never give up on you

     2. pain truly doesn't last as long as it feels it will

     3. all of your sides are your good side

     4. you can't break me

     5. fuck them

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