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I started working on my hair last night, you of course can't tell from these pictures because I took care of that haha. Anyway, today marks the day it begins to possibly permanently be warm. Yesterday we had a bizarre, unexpected blizzard type of snow where I nearly lost my life, no joke I stopped breathing on more than one occasion. However, today was bright and nice, matching my outfit I suppose. I got stared at as if I was a loon but looking back on these pictures I just looked incredibly pretty so middle finger to those idiots.

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So here we go again with a weekend recap. Apologies by the way, I have been swamped these past weekends and will be for the weekends in the future. In any case, there was the big Fashion Show on Friday that I took part in. It was called the Fashion Fantasy Fashion Show with the theme of a Wonderland/Fantasy featuring Wonderland, Mystic, Forbidden, and Dark, Twisted Fantasies. It was really fun and can I say my face was beat to the gawds? I mean, damn when I looked at myself in the mirror the first thing I said was "that's not my nose!" It was funny but incredibly true, the power of contouring is real. Then came Saturday where my dance team and I went to compete at UMD's Rip The Floor 2014. What a great experience that was, honestly I had a fantastic time.

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Thrifted top, eBay "American Apparel" style denim skirt, ALDO tights, thrifted socks, Urban Outfitters Ecote Chelsea DIY gold studded booties

Another crazy weekend passed and here I find myself playing catch up, again! So here was Thursday, yet another work day for me. The method of locking myself up with only work truly did work, as I knew it would. I just felt myself getting caught up and distracted as of late so I had to take control. Later on Thursday I went to a lingerie fitting for one of the fashion shows I'm participating in on campus. Not to mention my new baby's came in from my favorite place AKA Urban Outfitter's shoe sale section. They're so leprechaunish and gorgeous. Welcome to the Ecote family! (A total coincidence I was also wearing my other Ecote boots also from UO)

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Thrifted turtle neck, thrifted shorts, H&M socks, F21 loafers

Today I'm determined to get work done. That is all.

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Thrifted everything but Primark crop top and gifted scarf

In the words of one of my schoolmate's, I hate precipitation in all forms. The DMV will not stop getting snow, it's so ridiculous it's unimaginable. You can tell by my facial expression today that I'm just so very amused. Just last week, last week I was wearing shorts and parading around campus without a care in the world. And now here I am walking in the snow to class because my school refuses to cancel class anymore. On top of that I feel the semester coming to an end and I feel like I haven't gotten too much accomplished this term. Stress and pressure is slowly creeping up on me and I am trying to focus but I am just having a lot of trouble. Pray for me y'all as I am also praying for myself.

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A Crazy Weekend

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As you all know, I've been preparing for our National Pan-Hellenic Council's Step Show the Sunday that just passed. The days leading up to our big performance were filled with relentless practices and a lot of preparation. On Saturday however, there was the Iota Alpha probate which was exciting because it was my very first probate. I actually happened to know someone on line and it was emotional seeing him so very emotional. I love how all of the past brothers came to support the Apes coming out, it was such a great experience. Plus it gave me a reason to sport my Stüssy jersey I thrifted in the city. The Step Show itself was okay but our performance was phenomenal. To be honest I can't even remember it, I was ingrained in it. All I can recall is when I was in the wings attempting to catch my breath before rushing back to the stage. To be brutally honest my breathing just got under control; all of last night my chest was tight, my stomach felt hollow, and it hurt to breathe again. Oh the life of a dancer!

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Thrifted top, thrifted shorts, American Apparel socks, sheikhshoes boots

Thrifted Stüssy jersey, Lucaya pleather skirt, Hooters socks, thrifted shoes

Missguided leo, thrifted DIY shorts, F21 lace biker shorts, Zara fringe boots 

Thrifted everything but Zara boots