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Yesterday was probably one of the best days I've had in a while. My yearbook class confident/photographer buddy/juju sharing close friend Carlye and I took a DC trip ~more of a trip for her, a hop and a skip for yours truly~ to watch our favorite five boys, especially Hazza, do their thing and do it incredibly well on the big screen. It was completely emotional for the both of us, especially me since I have been a fan/stalker since junior year of high school. We decided in honor of the night to make it a London filled day, wearing our matching Juju Babes and finishing the night at Nando's, our boys' favorite spot. Can I also mention the fact that they actually ate where we did, and we ordered their menu selections without even knowing it?! This is a big freaking deal guise; this monumental event doesn't just happen while skipping down the street. In any case, I had an amazing metro adventure, where I did not get stuck at the station this time around, even the attempts from guys who hit on me were rather amusing. Thank God for placing Harry Edward Styles on this lovely Earth.

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Double Exposure

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I have not been busy enough to not photograph, but within these last few days I have not been able to sit perfectly still and create a post. Therefore this is a compilation of Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I remember was not a very great day for me because multiple complications arose throughout the day and I had constantly been given incorrect information ~sigh Thursday was a better day especially because my sister came to visit me! We had a great day and all she could talk about was how "nice and quiet campus is"...

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So far my school is living up to the expectations I deemed upon the state of Virginia as a whole. It's the first week of classes and I'm terribly bored because students are choosing to be anti-social plus the campus isn't the most happening place on earth. It's not terrible, but honestly four years of this? I don't doubt I won't be able to focus and study but it takes away from the coveted college experience we've all been yearning for since entering the hell in which was once High School. I don't want to miss out on learning to balance my life on my own; I also don't want to shun myself from interaction... I hate Virginia.

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New Beginnings

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I should be the first to apologize for the lack of updates in the past couple of days, but it's not without reason! As you all may know, I have finally encountered the beginning of my life in "adulthood". I've had random people approach me justifying the difficulty and competitiveness of my major and college, seen many organizations that I would love to be apart of, been reminded times without number the importance of me having a job, and let's not forget the pressure of the purpose of my being here in the first instance: doing exceedingly well in school. No biggie. So in the course of these few days I have been stranded at a metro station with no change of clothes, thank God for you Celeste, your print dress was a gift from heaven, had my convocation, met my twin, lost my bearings on campus, gained approximately 20 pounds, and began my classes as a college freshman. I continue to pray this this will be a good year and have faith that it will be.

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Day after being stuck in the metro station. Thanks again Celeste (pictured below) for a rad dress.

First day of classes

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