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I'm not sure how aware anybody is; however, I happen to have a sick obsession with shoes. It's actually come to a point where it's out of control and I cannot reign the urges to stalk, probe, and splurge on pleasures of the feet! So don't ask me how I arrived in the United Kingdom with only four pairs of poorly chosen shoes, due to weight restrictions in which I already broke, and am now due to leave with a total of 10. I don't know how it happened so stop the scrutiny! Anyway, before I embark on releasing the highly anticipated, ~I'm sure~, office ensembles I should think it's appropriate to show my unveilings to ensure no confusion following the gasps of "where the f#%* did she find those?!" So here we go.

Disclaimer: Two were unfortunately not captured. One pair has yet to arrive via airmail, but prepare to pee in your pants due to the fabulosity and anticipation of those beauties.

xxoo missusmonroe

I guess you can call these Docs look-alikes, 15GBP

Juju retro maxi jellies from American Apparel, 20 GBP

Topshop white flatforms, 35 GBP