Last Daize

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Thrifted plaid button-up, thrifted chiffon tank, Lucaya hot pants, thrifted Chanel, Juju Babe Jellies

The day was long and tiresome but the result was grand. I spent a day with my cousin, not unusual, and we literally shopped until we nearly dropped. I got everything I wanted, leaving me very pleased, or so I thought. The unfortunate events began when we neared the house only to find out that my aunt and company were gone, along with the house key, so we had to wait outside. That wasn't so bad though because we were pretty tired and warm and the breeze was greatly blessing our lives. When we finally got into the house and I began showing off my new goods I realized the apparently daft dude at Topshop with amazing hair who rang me up forgot two vital items! That I paid for! Now, against all of my plans, I have to go back tomorrow to somehow prove that I paid for items that didn't make their way into my bag and that no I don't just have them laying around at home and I'm not just attempting to obtain freebies. What a series of unfortunate events.

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