New Beginnings

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I should be the first to apologize for the lack of updates in the past couple of days, but it's not without reason! As you all may know, I have finally encountered the beginning of my life in "adulthood". I've had random people approach me justifying the difficulty and competitiveness of my major and college, seen many organizations that I would love to be apart of, been reminded times without number the importance of me having a job, and let's not forget the pressure of the purpose of my being here in the first instance: doing exceedingly well in school. No biggie. So in the course of these few days I have been stranded at a metro station with no change of clothes, thank God for you Celeste, your print dress was a gift from heaven, had my convocation, met my twin, lost my bearings on campus, gained approximately 20 pounds, and began my classes as a college freshman. I continue to pray this this will be a good year and have faith that it will be.

xxoo missusmonroe

Day after being stuck in the metro station. Thanks again Celeste (pictured below) for a rad dress.

First day of classes

thrifted top, DIY high-waisted shorts, Primark spike necklace, Vans sk8-his