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In my adventures of attempting to see everybody that I actually care for before making my grand exit out of Maryland, I joined forces with my good friend Carlye, whom you may remember from my terrible photobooth pictures from our terrible Yearbook class days. ~alright it wasn't that bad after I found someone else who equally despised it and was willing to complain just as loudly as me. In any case, we were supposed to go rollerskating but apparently "gospel sunday" interfered with the time closing schedule so we somehow found ourselves in the same bowling alley of my little brother's birthday party. Y'know, in case you recognize it. Our other friend never showed, but we definitely made the best out of it, finding ourselves laughing hysterically over the far too expensive meal prices, One Direction playing on the stereos, and my jokes about there being no loophole to get into heaven..~don't ask. I really cherish nights like these.

xxoo missusmonroe