15 years

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So today marks the 15th year anniversary of my beloved aunt and her husband, it's also my last official day in the office which is actually more of a relief that belonged with yesterday's title. We explored the city and ended up going to a fancy-dancy restaurant...down the road (not much depth huh?) called The Brache. When I say I was filled and overfilled to the point in which I was about to burst, I leave no room for exaggeration. Then came dessert!

I'm not complaining however because work today was quite irritating and I certainly didn't want my last day, or this day even, to be remembered or end as such. 

xxoo missusmonroe

The icing on top was when I woefully returned to my humble abode, tired silly, I received both of my packages. After only placing my order on Monday! I adore United Kingdom shipping, honestly. It's a gift from God himself.

They're a sick obsession. Juju babe jellies in Oyster from Office UK, 25 GBP 

Acid wash oversized denim jacket, size UK 14, MissguidedUK, 34.99 GBP