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Today was my final time seeing my friends before the hectic, time-consuming work of orientation and finally moving into my dorm. It's actually quite insane to imagine that these are my last days in my house, that I won't be sleeping in my bed in a couple of days... But for now I'm attempting to ignore that while I finish packing and hanging out with friends. So, today's festivities included Eggspectations, an incredible joint that sells eggs, poached, scrambled, anyway you do so please, and another trip to Old Ellicott City. I say another cause around this time last year I found myself there with my curly, blond haired friend also! ~das Shannon btw~ It was a great day, hot, and humid but hell, whatever. I also got to premiere my DIY boyfriend jeans and my Topshop flatforms. fabulous.

xxoo missusmonroe

Thrifted chiffon silk top, DIY thrifted boyfriend jeans, Topshop flatforms, bucket bag from Italy


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Ua blogs r spectacular. Like em!