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Forever21 top, H&M dress, Sears sandals

Today was such a Wednesday, uneventful and just a day in the middle of the week. Except, some events did occur today I suppose. Well first, it was the second day of graduation practice and also the last day of finals! It's really exciting to know that my high school career is truly and completely over. I also saw a blast from my recent past today, not a surprise because I knew we'd cross paths once again sometime soon, but it was still nerve-wracking and caught be a bit off guard. Insane how you like to convince yourself you feel a certain way but then when push comes to shove and it's right in your face, your true feelings take the lead... Sigh.

Tonight, though, should be the most exciting of all! It's our senior prank night and we're tepeeing the entire school! I'm going to love to see how this goes.

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