Take me on a trip

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I'd like to go someday...

I've realized that when you're given an opportunity. To take it.

Over the past month, I've been given the opportunity to travel to DC and New York. Haha, I feel like Paris is next (Listen to Lupe Fiasco -Paris Tokyo). Albeit, both trips were at my own expense, it was worth it. The first time I went to DC for the sake of wanderlusting. It was by myself.. I told my mother I had a club meeting (which I did), and took the early morning bus to the metro. I believe I was 16. Ever since, I've visited back a number of times. However, I would say that this is the first time, I went for the sake of needing to do so. I went with a good friend of mine. We toured, we ate, we took pictures, laughed.. all those essential things. Wow it felt great. To leave an environment other than your own is vital and opening. Even if it's the next city over, do it.

Anyways, I visited NY for a day, and that was great also! I went with my class and we visited some site seeing stuff. You bet I ate, laughed, took pictures, and all those essential things.

Da Nico, Little Italy, NY        Ho Yip Financial District, NY
9/11 Memorial                     Ground Zero Museum

I came home with a feeling of gratefulness, and fatigue! In all honesty, I hope to have more trips like this. Whether they are excursions or long stays, I want to get more opportunities as such. My naive mind has so much to learn and observe. Of course, if I was given a round trip ticket back to my home, Ghana, I wouldn't deny it. But, if God blessed me with a volunteering opportunity abroad, or work, or schooling, or life, or love. Who am I to deny that? Maybe that is a question I have to question Him with.

je vous embrasse,