Very Chanel

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Thrifted chiffon top, thrifted pants, thrifted belt, Forever21 sandals

So, you guys have heard of Senior Superlatives right? Well, it's when the entire senior class votes for seniors only on certain categories such as Biggest Flirt, Worst Case of Senioritis, Best Couple, Life of the Party, yadda yadda yadda. Short story shorter, ya girl over here won Best Dressed! I kind of dominated the votes so that's pretty shweet. Today was the day we had to take the pictures for the yearbook and when I got these items at the thrift a few weeks back I knew I would be combining these pieces to wear today. Then I turned the notch all the way up with all of my gold accessories. And, my. hair. I was totally inspired by Kim K, I always love it when she has her hair like this and have always wanted to try it out. Yup, laaaaave it.

xxoo missusmonroe