The Unveiling

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I've had a great majority of these photos in my computer for a while, and I don't know why I never posted them! During my whole taking-my-shoes-out-of-their-packaging process I take pictures thinking how great of a post it will be, but, womp, womp, it never turns out to be a post at all! This time though is different! Better late than never right? Haha, I wanted to make sure you got pictures of my prom shoes before the official prom post is up, so here goes it. 
I wanted something that reminded me of the "Rihanna heel" Sade and I dubbed it. Y'know the type, the semi-thick strap with no platform and a killer heel. I think I did an amazing job. My graduation shoes are also included. For out ceremony we're encouraged to wear all white, but for my shoe I decided to go with a tan suede in the front and a bomb orange pop of color in the back. The heel is 4", quite moderate and very comfortable for all the hours I'll be walking. And finally are my cruise sandals; very vintage looking and very adorable. My major qualifier for all of my shoes was they had to be affordable, and I was definitely satisfied with what I got.

xxoo missusmonroe