Stardust Ball

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Sade and I's first and senior prom. I think it's a moment the both of us will never forget, from the planning, to picking out her dress, and me making my own. There was a bit of drama along the way and some fallen friendships but we prospered in a way that is very evident through the photos. Our prom group consisted of our gals Nadia and Carlye, pulling up with our ceiling not missing in that Jag though! Haha, I had an amazing time, and y'know it was definitely a what-you-make-of-it moment. A lot of people were sulking and were upset because of drama that rose but why let that ruin a moment that was supposed to be amazing for you? I'll never understand. Anyway, enjoy all of our moments as we relive them.

xxoo missusmonroe & Sade