I wish, I wish, upon a star

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Thrifted mesh jersey, Walmart sports bra, H&M dungaree

Many of you may remember the cartoon hit Dragon Tales? Well, that's exactly what I was imagining as I was blowing out these dandelions. Today was AP testing, need I say more? I am more than exhausted as I haul myself for my final reviewing for my other tests. Pray for me dolls.

Anyway, my outfit today was pretty simple. I've been wanting to wear a crop top with my dungarees, and even though this jersey isn't one I figured it would have to do. I really wanted to wear a bright crop underneath of the mesh, an idea I had for SOAL apparel, but I don't actually own one! However, this outfit is still a good one and very versatile. 

Oh, and I never formally introduced my new hair color! Yes, my braids are long gone and I am a blond, well kinda, again, kinda still! More later.

xxoo missusmonroe